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What branch of the NZDF is best for a Warrant Officer with 17 years of Aviation experience ?

I have looked at the Army but noticed that the Navy is ramping up and may need experienced ground crew.

Any advice greatly recieved.
I believe the RNZN helo ground/deck crew are RNZAF only pilots/aircrew are Navy, was the case when I was in RNZN but I left in 86. I think you will find anyone who puts a spanner on a NZDF aircraft is either RNZAF or civvy - could be wrong though its been a long time.
Long time to reply to this so i apologise if its a tad out of date / irrelevant. I work for the RNZAF but am ex AAc. All aircraft are maintained / refuelled etc by RNZAF, whether that is RNZN (6 Sqn on Seasprite) or RNZAF. If you want further info (like i said, if its still relevant), pm me. Cheers
This is a stab in the dark if you are still active here? I've have an application in with the NZAF at the mo and as you'd expect I have loads of questions. I'm AAC and leaving next year. Would you be so kind to email me a reply so I could "ask away".

Many Thanks

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