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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by GunzablazinUK, Aug 18, 2005.

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  1. I'm off to Edinburgh next week for RSC with my first choice application being Infantry.In the event of me not gettin my first choice which i pray every night does'nt happen, i have my second choice down as Aviation groundcrew in the AAC

    Can anyone give me some info on what this job involves as the army careers site only briefly gives details,and also does the job involve much combat training or is it just maintaining the AAC choppers?

    Thanks in advance for any info,

  2. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Whilst your second choice is a sound one I am wondering how you came to choose it not knowing what the job entails.

    Suggest you ask GingeG, he has ascended to the dizzy heights on the ground side, just don't leave your footwear unattended in his presence :D
  3. To be honest mate i know of the training involved at the school of army aviation and the modules that you complete whilst doing your trade training, but i am just looking for more of an in depth idea of what the job actually involves on completion of all the training and what it is like to serve within the AAC.
  4. YOu wont be maintaining the aircraft that the REME's job
  5. Porridge is right on both counts.

    if you want an honest answer to what being a groundie is nowadays, PM GingeG and ask him

    He is also correct in saying not to leave your shoes anywhere near him, I spent far too long in NI with him and the smell of sh1t still lingers in my trainers to this day, although I did p1ss on his toothbrush and in his shampoo :)
  6. I doubt very much that you wouldn't get your 1st choice. In the very unlikely event of not getting your 1st choice, do you think that someone who can't make the infantry should be messing about with helicopters ?!!!!!!!!!................
  7. Ahahh

    So it was you Aunty Stella who gave my toothbrush that unusual aroma?
  8. Gunzblazin, Im afraid the guys are all correct on here in saying that if you do not get your first choice of Infantry then you have little or no chance of AAC.

    I would suggest you think carefully about your choices remember the AAC demands a higher GTI score from its potential recruits than the Infantry. Therefore if you fail on aptitude you have no chance whatsoever.

    The AAC is a rapidly developing teeth arm within the wider Army and as such demands 100% commitment, drive and (at times) sheer bloody mindedness to get the job done.

    Why would we want someones rejects? Sort yourself out young man and get the Air Corps down as your first choice.
  9. Couldnt have said it any better Ginge!
  10. Thats because you have a cleft pallet :D
  11. Passed RSC and got my first choice of Infantry

    Just thought id let y'all know :)
  12. First choice of Infantry!

    Well done son!

    Sounds a bit odd tho, first choice Infantry, second choice Air Corps......................................................
  13. In all honesty SweetFeet when i applied to join the army i was torn between going for a trade or Infantry.My GCSE grades and my BARB score were good and opened up many doors for me and i was eligible for most trades and of course Infantry.I did'nt go for Infantry because there were no other choices it was simply because i think it was the choice that appealed to me the most.The only thing that could of stopped me going for the Infantry was my fitness levels and that is why my second choice was AAC(because i liked the sound of the job) and the Royal Engineers as my third.

    It was the most difficult decision of my life but at the end of the day , if i had gone for a trade i think i would of always looked back and regretted not going for the Infantry
  14. Gunzblazin

    Best of luck. Well done for passing etc.

    Remember you can always transfer later and the only advice I can give you is "stay low and move fast!!"
  15. Fair play to you Gunzblazin. Work Hard Play Hard!!!