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Hi, i was just reading about Aviation Groundcrew Specialists from a career pack i have been posted. I just wanted to know if that is a good career option to follow from an inside perspective ?
Well i have always had an interest in helicopters but my school grades wont let me fly them, so i thought i would take the next step down which i feel is their groundcrew. I also figured that it is an excellent option due to the need for helicopters these days, i mean they are needed practically everywhere whether in peace or war time. And i also feel that valuable skills can be gained for civvy street.
Have you looked at REME Aircraft Technician/Avionics Technician? Have a lookHERE

AAC groundcrew HERE

Have a good look around the MOD site and post any questions you have here. There are plenty of people willing to help here on ARRSE. Do expect the usual banter though but don't take it too seriously :) I was an Aircraft Tech myself so I'll let the AAC guys give you the info you are looking for.
BeJaCo, I've worked alongside many pilots who didn't have two exam results to rub together, and as far as I know, you can still join the AAC without qual's. I can't comment on the groundside nowadays as I believe there are some role changes going on with the introduction of the attack thingy-ma-jiggy, but in the air corps you get out of it what you give! A bit of determination and positive attitude and there is no reason why you can't apply for pilot selection later on in your career. Lord Flashy is still serving, so he should be able to give you a better insight in how far you can go in regards to flying, and some of the others should be able to furnish you with a better update on the ground role. Oh, and groundcrew are more handsome and intelligent then sigs or even reem's, but you'll notice that early on. Only negative side is you'll sink of avtur all the time.
I totally agree with Gunny, being an ex ML God and Bowser Mong, groundcrew is the only way to go.
stay away from the Signals bit, I always thought that there was something weird and suspect aboiut the blokes who joined the AAC to sit in the back of land rovers playing with radios.
I still get a tingle down my back when i think about hot refuelling and rearming.

You can always apply for a Pilots course once you've got the rank and done your time so don't think that you can't have a go in the future.
Good Luck.



You do not need any formal quals to fly in the AAC just ability.

Go along to local careers office and have a chat.
Gunny and Ginge offer sound advice, apart from the bit about signallers, ewveryone knows the chicks love a Comms god. Besides, i recall GingeG wearing a set of flags on his right arm :D

Most of the Corps pilots are thicker than a whale omlette but showed the right aptitude and ability to fly, therefore were graced with a slot on the Army pilots course.

Not sure how this will work with the dawn of the AH though, maybe Flash can dive in and help out.

Like the man says get yourself into the ACIO and spring smarty to attention and say ' Oi slacky get me a slot in the Army Air Corps' then offer to go home and nail his wife! :D


Hey porridge Gun,

you speak the truth I did indeed wear Flags but had to remove them cos the chicks were just too much!!!
BeJaCo, lots of good advice here, especially about being able to fly. just be wary, though, of ACIO staff. They can be a bit lacking in specific information. I know a number of people who have been told by them that you need to be an officer to fly, even in the Army, which is obviously incorrect.


Ground-spike/bowser-mong to aviating love-god can be done. Even SilsoeSid managed. Plenty in the system now that have done it, I believe. Although as has already been said, AH might make a difference these days.

Don't let ACIO push you into whatever slot they are trying to fill, though. I almost ended up being steered towards Air Tech, I shudder to think what might have become of me. Good luck.
With the AH Jobby though...........As long as you can drive an open top landrover wearing nothing but a pair og underpants wrapped around your head and a snorkel to look out of one eye.............Youve cracked it
I know some of the pilots both on the course and with wings cracking blokes and good wingmen on the beer my advice go for it whats the worst thing that could happen they can't make you pregnant....... So i'm lead to blieve
Clodbuster behave !
" I almost ended up being steered towards Air Tech, I shudder to think what might have become of me. Good luck. "

Shudder I'm having a fit.
no but working with our AH drivers makes me wonder sometimes. Shame cause most of them seem like nice blokes shame about the others.

Go to the ACIO and demand to be signed up as a Bowser Mong, its the dogs boll*x, better than them big girls pants that sit in the back of their rovers playing eith themselves.....sorry radios. Everybody knows that the girls love a bowser driver. But make sure you get a posting to Germany first, as Engerland is crap for a singlie.
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