Aviation Groundcrew Specialist

Exactly what does that job entail?

Is it really just sitting around and refuelling and re arming helicopters?

And also how easy/available are the aircrew jobs, i.e door gunner or pilot for a JE solider in the AAC?
well....... erm........ yes

and getting spammed for all the other niff naff and triv jobs the grown ups can think up for you.......

AAC groundies fall in to two job specs,

the thing they dont tell you is all the blokes who work with the aircraft are the MT guys, get used to wielding a grease gun when you're not on exercise......

the signals blokes do all the normal kind of CP type stuff and fly forward CP's on air assault missions. (not proved on ops...)

Gunner wise, its right place right time, (baggage handler if you work with the wrong crew...)

pilot wise, if you want it, go AGC or stay in your current capbadge.

sad but true
Thats me made the rong naffing job choice then.
Unlucky mah sohn!!!

Never mind, the blokes at your unit when you get posted are good eggs, Im sure they will make up for it

What unit you with now??
Im not I am just joining, I wanted RA but there are no vacancies for AFC, so thats AAC for me.
to be honest mate,

go traveling, shag loads of birds, see a bit of life and then join up on your terms, you'll be happier in the longrun.... no unanswered questions and all that.

as you want to go RA, what do you want to do? do you know anyone in the RA?

some very good jobs to be had, however pay 2000 was badly managed by manning and records (RA) so only targeting trades get higher rate money (OP's) someting to find out about,

Is it really just sitting around and refuelling and re arming helicopters?
some of my college's may take offence at the tone of that........ quite a rewarding job as it go's, just ask anyone on the FARPS in Basra rearming US Marine Cobras, pretty hardcorps....
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