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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by RWG1, Jul 29, 2007.

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  1. Is this role open to recruits? Its advertised on the dvd my recruiter gave me, but not in the book it came with? Its not on armyjobs.mod either. Is it part of the Royal Signals or the AAC. My other choice if thats unavalible is Groundcrew specialst, but the job comes across as Driver/petrol operator, is it alike?

    Any info on the jobs would be nice, like what the jobs about, if you need a BA degree or somthing to do it and stuff.

  2. Having spoken to someone at the carreers office, it would seem that the role of Groundcrew Specialist involves rearming and refuelling the helicopters, occasionally moving them around (on the ground) and generally defending the area and the helicopters, while the pilots are asleep.

    I'm sure there's more to it than that, but when asked if I'd see any combat the answer was a polite friendly recruiting sergeant "no" along the lines of "they're hardly going to land the expensive helicopters where there is fighting, now are they?", I opted for a different role.

    EDIT - Sorry - all the above (mine) post, relates to aviation groundcrew, not aviation communication specialist - I was going to go for AAC then decided to go elsewhere so I'm kinda where you are now except a few weeks in front.
    So I hope it helps anyway :) .
  3. Yea it definatly helps, i walked into the careers office a week ago thinking i was going to join the engineers or an RLC trade and had a clear vision of what i wanted, then walked out confused!

    Groundcrew is one of my other options failing the communications job. I dont expect to be doing anything exciting when i start my career, but as long as its going somewhere im happy.

    I guess it makes sense to keep the stuff of worth away from harm.

  4. My points in red.

    AAC ground crew are now streamed in to two parts. Groundcrew and comms. The former is refueling, re-arming and the like. The latter is comms, MPS and all the wiggly amp signals stuff. Either way, it's better than digging trenches or being in the RLC.
  5. That sounds pretty good, so you have two different jobs to choose from. Is it a choice given to you, Comms or groundcrew or are you just thrown where your needed?

    Either way your right, it is better then digging trenches i would of thought.
  6. I don't doubt it and indeed meant no disrespect to the lads out there. I was after a trade where I'd still be able to get out of the workshop/camp etc, and I was advised that AGS was not one of them - I can only go on what i'm told, and in my position at the moment surely I have no grounds to assume the sergeant's talking rubbish, right?
  7. There are actually 3 streams, Supply Specialist (SQMS, QM Dept etc) being the 3rd.

    You are sort of nudged down one of the routes when you leave phase 2, at that stage you have done your class 3 groundie and comms and have (supposedly) shown a bent toward one or the other.

    You are not formally streamed until you pass your class 2 upgrade. You can change from the one you were placed in although it can be an emotional process.

    Like all Arms and services, I believe the AAC chaps & chapesses are being trawled to deploy in general MT Top cover and force protection roles, certainly not sat behind the wire ( not that that doesn’t bring it’s own risks).
  8. With the over all the over stretched resources now i guess they want to use everyone they can.

    I think having 3 different sections for a job is great, if you stay in for the duration of your working life it adds more to it.
  9. Squiddly...Please feel free to let me know which reccruiting office this particular Sergeant works at, I'd like to have a little chat with him about his quotas.

  10. That sounds ominous, what have I dropped someone in it for now? :oops:
  11. What Pocoyo is suggesting is said recruiter is trying to steer you away from the Corps. Either because he has a quota to fill in another arm or you're a tubestick and not suitable for our beloved Corps. ;)

    Only he and you will know that of course...........
  12. I wanted something more electromechanical...

    8O :D .
  13. Wouldn't be the upper echelon seeing as they have an apparent ability to be non communicative.
  14. But to be fair you will only work in the stores if you weigh about 22 stone or are completly broken.

    Also the ability to "fail" a downgraded Junior Cadre also helps.
  15. Becareful of sigs training. Its over two weeks.