Aviation ASMs

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Zapped, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. Shop Floor?

  2. Office?

  1. Now that they've reached the pinnacle of aviation engineering, should they stay in their offices or come out onto the shop floor and stare over the shoulders of their guys?
  2. Good try fella,

  3. Or are you a recently promoted blackie ASM who hasn't got a clue what to do next???
  4. Aviation ASM is that the same as a VM cpl?
  5. Only if you can't spell "beefeater".....
  6. im well known for my bad spolling!!!!!!
  7. His speel chucker is crapupped :\\
  8. Most ASM a/c that I knew had more on their plate thats was non a/c then a/c.
    By the time they had dealt with M/T, Weapons, Signals kit, they didn't have much time to look after what should have been their Main Item of Interest A/c.
  9. RRRRRRRR don't you get out much........Crap at Phizz are we.........never mind.