Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by jaybee2786, May 31, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone else noticed how much the new avg 8 antivirus slows down there pc?
  2. I'm still running 7.5, is there much difference between the two?
  3. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    I don't find it to be a problem..

    I'm running it on Vista 64bit with 2GB RAM, it doesn't seem to be that much of a problem..
  4. Keep the 7.5 for as long as you can its far better than version 8, but i have since dumped avg 8, and am trying out avast, i think AVG have gone the same road as norton and mcafee shoite
  5. And I cant seem to alter the settings like I used to on AVG7.5, scans the pc everyday, cant seem to switch it off, tries to connect to the intertnet as soon as the pc is booting up, means you have to manualy check updates.

    Might be me, as I'm a bit of a biff with pcs, but not as good as the old version?
  6. no more updates for 7.5 after 31/5/08
    my version 8.0 working perfect on vista,still able to play cod4 and mohaa breakthrough with no probs
  7. AVG is bad news altogether, I suggest either buying or torrenting for Norton 360, Avg is a nice little adware program, plus doesnt like it when people try to uninstall :D
  8. Have to uninstall 7.5 to overwrite 8.0 so are you now a Norton sales rep on the side??Too many experts and not enough real advise on here.
  9. I noticed the speed drop in browsing speed as the search shield etc runs along side. The slight lag is worthwhile as it has stopped a number of rogue web sites trying to force download nasties in its tracks.

    System wise it runs ok now its updated etc. I still play BF2142, Eve and Supreme Commander all at full high res no probs on XP Pro.

    I must admit after I first installed it I nearly dropped back to 7.5 but Im glad I stuck it out.

    AVG has been the only package to stop everything nasty but if there is better out there Im all ears. :D
  10. AVG does seems to have passed it's prime, sadly it is becoming bloated and barely worth bothering with

    Eset's NOD32 for me, simple, fast and frequently updated
  11. Turn off AVG safe search, it's an add on.
    Tools-Add ons.
    Made it a lot faster.
  12. ESET or Kaspersky, both come top of just about any test thrown at them although ESET has less of a resource foot print. The only down side is paying for them, but you pay for what you get these days.
  13. I used to run Kapersky until I got hit by a trojan that could disable it, close any browser where I typed/searched antivirus and stopped new antivirus installs. Luckily my firewall stopped the ports but it was a complete tw4t to remove. AVG was the only antivirus to find it and destroy at the first scan.
  14. Cheers for that , Have just done and now everything is a lot faster... :)
  15. I'm going to be dropping AVG once i have some money to buy Kaspersky.