Average time scale between BARB and Basic?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by BREN, Mar 5, 2008.

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  1. Alright lads. Don't worry, this isn't a topic concerning electric toothbrushes or IBF Pro's joining the army :D.

    I've got my BARB test booked/interview booked for the 19th of March and I'm wondering what would be an average time frame between doing the BARB test (and doing well, I hope) and being sent to basic training?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hows longs a piece of string?

    Depends what you are joining, took me 6 weeks, from start to the Selection, and 4 weeks after that, I'm going to Basic. So for me 10 weeks.
    It took a friend of mine nearly 6 months, and another a year before he even went to Basic (Think something wasn't right there though).
    So your guess is as good as mine.
    Hope that helps. :twisted:
  3. I done my B.A.R.B and got my interview two weeks later
    ring you carear's office and say has my medical form come through yet it will speed things up.
    i have got my selection on the 11th of this month and have been told i could be in basic by the end of the month. so ruffly about a month after B.A.R.B.
    like saturn said how long is a piece of string.....every ones will be different just allot of wateing for the army really.
  4. I begun my application early November, and I have Selection on 10th of March, I had a few problems with my RG8 so assuming everything is fine for you first time you could have spot at an ATR in a few weeks.
  5. How long is it usually between your second interview and going to selection?
  6. same as above mate,,,depends when they can allocate a space for you and how long your medical takes to get back to them! iv been waiting 2 weeks now!
  7. hi all.
    ive got my interview wednesday and my recruiter said i only have this interview then i go to adsc could anyone tell me how long i will have to wait after interview for my adsc date. thanks in advance.
  8. I did my Barb around 7 months ago, still waiting to go on selection :p lol. There is no real time scale. When I was in last, I passed ADSC and 2 months later I was in basic. There were other guys on basic in my troop who had done ADSC approx 4 days before starting training. It all depends on in take dates etc.
  9. Same with me, began in Oct.
    Had probs with RG8, but sorted.
    Selection on Monday.