Average time between passing ADSC and hearing of start date

Good evening all,

Sorry to ask this here - I'm interested hearing from those in the know.

I'm joining the RSigs as a CSEng and passed ADSC(G) last week (18th June). I called my recruitment officer the following day to let him know that I'm eager to get down to Phase 1 and to see what he could do for me. I didn't hear anything back, so I called again this morning, and he's still waiting for a date.

I was always under the impression that you heard about a start date within a few days of passing, even if it's months ahead.

Does anyone know what the average time is between passing ADSC and hearing of a start date?

Does anyone know how regular the intakes are for RSigs CSEng?

Thanks for any feedback,

Forget "average times". Just sit tight and wait, there's nothing anybody can say on here to reassure you. You only passed last week so I don't worry about it you'll hear something in the next few weeks.
You may find that they havent even got your report back from ADSC yet.
As has been said just wait out, bothering your Recruiter aint going to get that date any faster
You will hear soon mate they shouldnt keep you waiting too long give it 4-6 weeks at least so the paperwork can be sent back to your ACIO and then processed.
4-6 week - that's going to be hard :lol:

How are the results sent i.e. by post or email?

I think what makes it more frustrating, is that a week before doing selection, I was shown two intake dates (one for end of June, another mid-July). At this rate, I may not even make the mid-July intake :(

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