Average Speed Cameras

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Baghdad-Brit, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. Are the current scourge of motorway roadworks just some huge psyop or has anyone actually been caught by one of these average speed cameras?

    I know you have to be a bit of a clown to get done but there is a large % of the population that is unwashed and not very good at maths so do not know what average means. I still see people flying past me only to slow down at the "checkpoint".
  2. Apparently if you change lanes between the two points they cannot get you!!!
  3. I've heard that too but I do not want to find out whether it's a myth or not.

    I just stick on my cruise control-that way the bastards can't catch me.
  4. A coke can on your radio aerial is guaranteed to foil the camera police, a bloke down the pub told me.
  5. I still think it is a huge wind-up unless I find out that someone has actually been caught.
  6. it's not a myth, the camera by law can only do you over a set distance by measuring your speed with a coresponding camera in the same lane. so if you go by the first camera in lane 1 and the second camera in lane 2 you cant be done. some shite about infringement of human rights or something so the gov have fcuked up on themselves.....bless.
  7. The old SPECS cameras were expensive so had to be limited in number and you could do that. But there is a new generation of low cost cameras being introduced so that a lot more can be installed. The individual cameras will still only monitor one lane but they are randomly linked to other devices covering the same or other lanes along the stretch of road to be monitored.

    If the average speed between any two linked cameras, however far apart or in whatever lane, is over the limit then you are nabbed. Could still weave through if you knew the linking pattern but chances are low.
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Loved the Danish speed control idea. Bit chilly in winter but the nips would be like nuts off the Titanic!
  9. No joke, the gf's mate was caught twice in one weekend by average speed cameras situated to the east of Dundee on the A90.

    6pts on her licence and a nice fine to boot.

    Not wishing to teach egg sucking or patronise anyone, but they work in a very simple way. Basically the first set of cameras pick up the vehicle reg. The second camera is at a fixed distance from the first (distance = S). the second camera then picks up the reg again and the linked computer does the maths. The time base (t) between the car passing the two fixed points is known as the cameras are linked and therefore velocity(V) = S/t. However, that is the average velocity between the two cameras.

    For example: if the distance betwwen the two fixed points was 500m and at the time taken to pass both points was 14seconds then 500/14 = 14metres persecond, multiply by 2.237 to convert to mph and the average speed is 79.9mph.

    lets say that at the first camera you were travelling at 80mph and at the second camera you were travelling at was 40mph then the average speed would be (80+40)/2 = 60mph. If you were cracking on down the road at 100mph and the speed limit was 60mph then at the second camera you'd have to be travelling at 20mph to not be caught by the camera (if it was set to fine people at anything above 60mph).

    My g'fs mate was caught doing 70mph as an average speed. The cameras are usually set at +10% plus 3mph so therefore if you were travelling in a 60mph zone you'd have to be travelling at 69mph or above to get hammered (although don't quote me on that!!!!)

    Insofar as the changing of lanes to fool the cameras....i have seen the cameras in question (same on the M6 somewhere north of Lancaster) and each camera position has two cameras on it. As i assume that they are linked to the same system I would be surprised if the changing of lanes will confuse the cameras as the VRM (vehicle registration mark) is supposedly unique to each vehicle and therefore recognisable regardless of which lane its it as it all goes through the same computer system.

    Best just stick to the speed limits i reckon.

  10. typical of Blair's Britain...we deserve above average speed cameras but once again we get medoicre, so-called "average" speed cameras. Honestly!
  11. Not so sure about this as the cameras take photo's of all vehicles in all lanes which are stored on a central computer and it makes no differance what lane your in at what point.

    I may be wrong.

  12. Wont the cameras get bored?
  13. I'm going to cover my entire car in tin-foil!!!!!
  14. It was all over the papers a few months ago about the ones on the M6 by Keele, that they were fundamentally flawed and not one person had been caught anyway. Some journo then did it to prove that the things dont work if you change lanes between cameras.