Average day of Phys during basic?

Hi guys, i start at pirbright on the 2nd june, going for RA and i cant wait tbh.

just wondering whats an average day/week of phys like during phase 1? One or two runs a day? Gym sessions most days? how often do you do PFT's etc? I know there's alot of circuits in the gym and I cant wait to go out tabbing, seems epic.

I know they ease you in during the first week or two but just wanted an insight into what it's like, obviously gonna arrive as fit as I can, go running 4 times a week, swimming once, smashing out pushups/situps on these days too.

Haven't got a clue!

I did basic a long, LONG time ago and the only time we did two runs a day was on courses (L/Cpl Cadre Course / Depot Instructors , Junior Brecon)

If you are being truthful, it sounds like you have the bases covered. But, be aware, they wil still push you beyond all boundaries, it's what the Army does.

Good Luck Mate!!!!!!
For the first 7 weeks it's 4-5 sessions per week, usually Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday, with sports on a Saturday every now and then. Combination of runs, intervals, battle PT, and later on TABs (low weight, working up to 20kg for RA).

Second 7 weeks it's a bit less as they cram more green stuff in and you have all your tests.

You won't see a gym until you get to Larkhill, can't use the gym at Pirbright in your own time. You'd be too fucked even if you were allowed.

You have a PFT the week you arrive, at the 7 week point to see how you're getting on. The first two aren't pass/fail, strictly speaking, i.e. there's no repercussions if you get above 10:30 other than looking like a twat, but a lot of people do. The last one is the real deal, and if you fail then fail the next one at your Phase 2 establishment you'll be on remedial PT.
I did mine a while ago too but I do remember that scheduled PT sessions were by no means the end of it, your training screw will have you running ragged, racing to a particular tree or whatever with the immortal words,'Don't be ******* last, you do not want to be last'. At battle camp you run everywhere (except returning from the cookhouse), and in the field you tab everywhere- naturally.
It's not just the phys either depending on the size of the camp you'll be marching everywhere as well. My basic was at an old Airfield and the accom to the gym was well over a mile which you had to march to and from plus marching around camp, OC's inspection in the drill hanger nearly a mile away PT etc you'll soon find yourself easily doing double figures some days.

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