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Average day in basic?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Barry123, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. Hello,
    I know this is a bit of a stupid question but what is an 'normal' day during basic training?
    I understand fittness is a big part of training but I wanted to know what recruit are do through out the day?

  2. Up at 0600, feet not touching the floor, then lights out at 2200 hrs.

    About it really.
  3. With no sleep between 22.00 and 06.00 because you'll be getting your kit ready for the following morning..
  4. The first week is all about lulling you into a false sense of security while you fill out forms, get injections, get issued your clothing and G10 etc. It's probably all a bit of a laugh - there's no pressure as the DS don't really make you march as you can't do any drill or anything.

    All of a sudden the drill, PT and inspections flood in like the tide and the evenings become a race against time to complete 10 hours worth of cleaning in 4 hours. The blokes in the platoon that started out being jokers are now just jack bar stewards, and a long-standing war with other rooms/sections over cleaning materials or what colour PT shirt to wear begins and starts bitter feuds that will not end until SCBC in the year 2020.

    And yea, the sadistic DS will punish the platoon as a unit for the transgressions of the few and weak - not cleaning a bin correctly, or having the most minute of train-tracks on a pair of trousers. Change-parades, drinking-parades, drilling like a tw@t - and all sorts of nasty things that you never thought would be used to beast you become features of daily life.

    And guess what? You haven't even started the exercises or NBC yet. Exercises are euphemisms for sleep-deprivation and more beasting. NBC is where you learn that the basis of UK military individual defence against deadly nerve agents consists of wearing heavy clothes and rubbing cat litter on your face.

    It's not all bad, though - after you've done the drill test and APWT, all the sick, lame and lazy will have gone, or been back-squadded. You'll be able to do 4 hours cleaning in just 2 and probably have started going to the NAAFI again. It's almost enjoyable, just as you are about to pass-out, and it's possible the DS might treat you like animals (rather than bacteria) for the last week or so.
  5. :D


  6. yep, all that & more. change parades we know. for the un-informed. you will be told to parade on the drill square at 1300 (or when ever) in one form of dress. now the drill square is at the opposite end of the camp to your accommodation block, which you think is a useless point at the moment.
    you turn up like good recruits on military time - i.e 10 mins before. you get an inspection of the kit you are wearing. then at 1310, they tell you to parade back here at 1315 in a compleatly different form of kit -exit your intake stage left all running back to the block like headless chickens, undressing & dressing on route!
    of course you will not make the time & will be late. for this you will get beasted & given a even shorter stupid time because of it to make the next parade, in the next form of dress the DS desire.
    you could go from barrack dress, to cs95, to no.2's / no.1's depending on service, full combat order-the list is endless. this could go on all afternoon or until the DS get bored-expect to get beasted inbetween dress catagories.

    drinking parades? are these the DS saying all the intake will meet in the naafi at certain time & drink beer? or something a bit more unpleasent that the DS can make your life misrable with that I know as a different name?
  7. Drinking Parades were a novel kind of beasting disguised as welfare. During summer basic training, following a particularly poor performance on the hills, or whatever, the whole troop paraded in the ablutions. The DS would order that every sink would be plugged and filled up to the brim. Then, the troop would queue up with hands behind backs and drink the sinks dry. Queue lots of spewing and general discomfort.

    One bonus was the wet T-shirt effects if you had female recruits.
  8. Not a care bear or anything but thats dangerous. was that recent?
  9. more than ten years ago
  10. Its ok though, if you think your being unfairly treated pull out the red or yellow cards you are issued with. *snigger* :)
  11. Also if you are unhappy or have any thought's on how the day to day running of the Platoon training programme could be altered,then don't be afraid to approach your section Cpl and put your view's and opinion's forward,these guy's love fresh idea's and are alway's willing to listen...
  12. have to agrea with sprjim here. first we have the H&S issue of ingesting batteria from the sinks people are washing in. then image what the news papers would say about this if they got to hear!
    though yes, I am in the modern RAF, that is rather pink n fluffy now compared to years gone by by all accounts.
    On everything other than ops, H&S & being PC are of the upmost importance in the RAF these days. probably true or getting that way for the other Services too.

    wet t-shirt effects on the bird recruits could be cool thou! :D
  13. :D
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Of course, the other drinking parade is where the NCOs supervise the recruits drinking a bottle or black fist of Water on a regular basis to prevent dehydration and heat injuries.

    But that would not sound so scary, would it! :D
  15. get up about ten. smoke loads of fags.drink loads of all night.
    you will do this for 13 weeks.
    think you can handle it.