Average Age Student nurse/ RN?

Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by MrNurse, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. Just wondered what the average age was for student nurses is in the army these days? Outside at civvy uni the average is twenty-eight apparently, but I would imagine it's somewhat lower in the forces.

    I'm still wavering over wether or not to sign up now or in three years when I've completed my training (when I will be thirty).
    So I've started my training at uni in the meantime, as I'm waiting for the next QA nursing board and subsequent intake, and was hoping to do the TA while on the course in preparation for joining at the end if I decided to join later. But thats been scuppered by being given a lecture on Tuesdays as I cannot find a local TA unit that trains on another day.

    This makes me look again at joining to do my training, as I worry that the older I get (not that thirty is an OAP, I know) the harder it'll be to be accepted as a 30, 31, 32 yr old lance corporal.
    Would someone of this age be looked at a bit strangely or do you occassionally get older recruits into this particular corp? Would I be likely to meet people who hold a similar rank at a similar age or would I stick out like a sore thumb? It's not, I promise an inability to mix with other ages just a thought that eveyone else my age may be either a SSgt or a Capt/Major and all the other LCpls will see me as a bit slow and steal my dinner money.

    Any thoughts/ kicks up the backside welcome
  2. See, they're ignoring me already! :D
  3. What University does evening lectures? I would advise joining the TA whilst training as a civilian then doing a post reg. course in Accident and Emergency or, Intensive care. Then do FTRS prior to signing up as a reg. It will also allow you the chance to work as a medic in the private sector ( in interesting sandy places )if you choose to.
  4. Wolverhampton Uni in their infinite wisdom. That'll teach me not to study harder in my A levels and go to Birmingham Uni instead.
    Should have said that I'm doing Mental Health so the A&E eight grand golden hello is out I'm afraid.

    If I can find a TA unit that doesn't train on Tuesdays I will join 'em, that said the lecture is only for this year, next year whole new timetable to moan about.


    Ps. I looked at the OTC but their annual camp fell in the middle of my practice placement so they were out unfortunatly
  5. just because a TA unit train on a tuesday evening - doesnt mean that you have to attend. you could join a specialist unit like 306 in York whos membership come from all over the country (less a commitment than an independant unit like 202)

    TA experience could hinder as well as assist you in joining the regs once qualified - depends on the person that you are.

    Once qualified - as youve been advised, you could go Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) so you could see the army from the inside - there are many FTRS Psychi nurses.

    Once qualified - the age barrier can be lifted, dependant upon your fitness and qualifications.
  6. Train as a civilian, do 2 years post-reg. and apply for a commission (as direct entrant).