average age and curcumstances of forum posters

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by section10, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. hi guys

    due to the advice given on this forum i was wondering who the genuine posters were and who the jokers were so this post is for finding the average age and curcumstances of the posters, its not to offend its just for reference thanks guys

    im 34 / married / 3 children / full time employment / recruit .
  2. Im a joker. Ignore any advice from me.
  3. and me.
  4. if youre looking for advice, the best Ive had was from msr and bruce willis. (even if bruce does have the painters in just now)
  5. c'mon guys i thought some of you regular wannabe's whould have bent this recruit over the nearest sandbag and shafted me with your outstanding wisdom by now. lol :)
  6. Do you work out?

    Do you like nightclubs?

    Will your wife notice if you got out late on certain weekday evenings (other than training nights)?

    Do you fancy early promotion?


    (25/bi-curious/CSOH/field rank)
  7. Only curious Dilf - with some of the company you've been keeping, you should have graduated by now!
  8. Don't do it, he's making a tempting offer, but all he needs is someone to help re-write unit SOPs... :wink:
  9. Age 12, off school because its the holidays.
  10. It will depend entirely on the question being asked, and the mood of the poster answering the question.
    As you can see your seemingly genuine question has sparked a response of less than helpful (for you at least) answers. Not really sure what you expected to happen?
    My advice, listen to all the advice, there is a collective wealth of experience on here, and it maybe that some of that will reflect your own opinions.
    But, be aware, we're in the TA, part of the selection process, before they fcuked around with it, was a cynicism test. You had to be able to hear a cynical remark from a thousand yards, and then reply, in tone, at a cynical rate of 30 words per minute. Don't do it anymore due to 'a lack of funding', I blame Glasgow personally.
    Seriously, if in doubt go onto the posters profile, and check out his history, if it's full of sarcastic comments, then you have your answer.
  11. I was born closer to the end of WW1 than the beginning of WW2 and I do try to post serious and helpful posts.
  12. My sarcasm is belt fed and mounted on a tripod, Wibble!
  13. Yeah, and 25 was quite a long time ago now.

    Section10 - I would think twice about taking advice from anyone this site until you have spent quite a while sussing out whether that talk sense or bollox. People in your unit are likely to be far more trustworthy (unless it is a signals unit of course).
  14. If you call me a regular wannabe to my face, I'll do more than share my wisdom with you 8O .

    I'm 13 / polygamous / 67 children / on the dole / 49 Para SPSI
  15. no arrse humer here then :eek: by the way i was not calling you. you replyed yourself :D