Not sure if this is the best place to post.

However, after seeing the £5000 food bill for our Cpl's "Club" xmas function I thought this was quite excessive, now we have a drinks quote that is DOUBLE the price of anywhere else.

£27 for a crate of Carling for instance. £15.98 in Tesco's normal price, £20 for 45 cans on offer.

As I gather we HAVE to go with them, is there anyway round this blatant rip off?

Sensible comments appreciate non-sensible also appreciated cause I need cheering up.
No Mess has to use the Contractor for a mess function. You can go outside to a local hotel or club. The contractor does have full control of the catering within the camp.
You are getting well and truly ripped off. I live about 200mtr from a TESCO Extra, and on most Friday mornings they have 18 x 500ml cans for a fiver, but you can only buy six cases. Thi morning I got 2 Carlsberg 2 Carling and 2 Guiness for £ 30. One of the shelf stackers sends me a text when there is a good offer
Has anyone had MOD Guard Service search your car boot for slabs of beer?

Rumour has it they have been told to confiscate any large quantities of privately purchased alcohol to protect the obscene profits of thieving bastard contractors like ESS/Sodexho?

(They, however, by and large are ignoring the instruction, and merely asking for discretion when disposing of the empties, I believe.)

Surely if its not in camp standing orders, they can't confiscate it anyway?
What's the gripe, its business and if you don't like it then vote with your feet. After all that's what they (the Staff) promised when they sold the idea of PAYD.

Nothing new anyway, I remember (swing that Lamp) when the NAAFI put pressure on a CO to stop squaddies buying their daily pinta off the milkman rather than through the shop.

This was just before they then had an enterprising "wife of" barred from selling sarnies via her hubbie.

Them's were the days and it seems still are in some backwaters.



Captive audience and local policy. Sounds like a blatant rip-off even if it is business. It's not as if their particular customers aren't deserving of a bit of Christmas cheer now, is it . :x

Buy your stuff where you like, just like everyone else has the right to do.


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Time to get RSM, QM and CO involved. You are being ripped off.

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