What is Bandwidth Theft?

Bandwidth is a measure of data sent through an Internet connection. Many ISPs limit the amount of bandwidth that a site can use. For example, the Discover IT Standard Unix Hosting Plan allows 5 GB of data per month to be transferred to or from your site. When this bandwidth is exceeded you will be charged for the excess bandwidth used.

Every time you upload a file, surf a Web Site or download files, pages or images, you are using bandwidth. Most Web Sites do not come anywhere near exceeding their bandwidth limit.

However, what if someone is stealing your bandwidth? Anyone can create a link on their Web Site to a file (image or download file) on yours. Every time someone visits that site, they are using your bandwidth to download your file from their site.

For example, say someone is linking to a 50 KB image on your site and the Web Site using that image is displaying it 100 times a day. They are using 5 MB of your bandwidth per day or more than 150 MB per month! The problem is compounded if someone links to multi-megabyte download files such as sound or movie files, presentation files or demonstration software, etc. You could easily overrun your monthly bandwidth quota and be charged accordingly.

A Web Site owner was recently charged more than £3000 in excess bandwidth charges for a £15 per month hosting plan!
The new site software allows for the linking to off-site images, do not link to an image you are not hosting yourself unless you have permission to do so. The owners of websites can trace the 'theft' back to arrse and subsequently to you.
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