Avatars not displaying in F/F

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by SaturN, Feb 13, 2007.

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  1. First of all, Hello first post here, and I love the site. :headbang:
    When I joined up a while ago I was able to view everyones Avatars', but just recently none have been displaying. I use F/F 2.0 and have a few Add-Ons installed, I've unloaded all these and tried again to no avail. I then removed F/F and Reinstalled it, and still got nothing. I can view them perfectly well within IE and Thunderbird (RSS Feeds come through there) has anyone got any ideas to solve the problem? And is anyone experiencing the same, or is it just me! :frustrated:
  2. Tools/options/content/make sure 'load images' is ticked.

    (Reload the page after clicking 'ok')
  3. Yeah, that's ticked. One of the first things I checked. :numberone:
    Thanks for the quick reply btw
  4. Not a f**king clue then.
  5. Thanks anyway :brilsmurf:

    I'm sure it will be something very simple and under my nose, I'll keep attacking the config of F/F see what comes up, Cheers Flasheart.
  6. :omg:

    Removed due to pure stupidity
  7. worksafe does not show avatars, thats why its classed as worksafe, as it draws less attention..............
  8. Especially when the avatar has tits on it like mine!
  9. That would make sense, and proves me to be ignorant to that fact!
    Fuckin ages it's been like that aswell, should have realised really... :pissedoff:
  10. hehe nay worries, welcome to arrse.
  11. Yup cheers :cyclopsani: