Avatars - Help please.

I've been trying to attach a natty little picture to my wotsit, to replace the rather sinister black cloaked fellow currently residing. Despite LairdX's kind help a while ago, I can't get it to work.

When I try and do the upload bit, ARRSE tells me that my thing is too big - obviously one is always hearing this complaint, but, to continue: I think my picture is a lot simpler than many of the extremely clever and amusing attachments, so what next? Can I make it smaller? Buggered if I know....
From the avatar upload page:

Displays a small graphic image below your details in posts. Only one image can be displayed at a time, its width can be no greater than 120 pixels, the height no greater than 120 pixels, and the file size no more than 9 KB.

I was struggling to resize stuff to match this - especially animated gifs - until I found this site: http://www.gifworks.com/index.php the free tools are excellent and let me re-size little Ab to fit.
Abacus' link should sort your problem for you. For future reference though, the format/extention of your graphic is important to its size.

BMP, JPEG, GIF etc, these relate to the compression of the original file/image. BMP are of a greater size than a JPEG for instance. So if you had a BMP file and wanted to reduce the file size. You could open the file with whatever imaging software you have, Paint.exe (which is part of the windows OS) Is good enough to make a change to its format. Open the file with Paint, then click file, save as. Change the default wich in this case would be BMP to JPEG. This can be done by using the drop down box or by naming the file and putting ".jpg", without the quotes after the file name. An example would be, "snasyavar.jpg".

To reduce the dimentions of the image you would need a proper image editing software, something like, Paint Shop Pro, The Gimp (if you use Linux), Picture It or some other software. Or using a search engine find a web site (abacus, i believe, has pointed you to one) that will re-size your image for you.
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