Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Vaughany, Dec 23, 2009.

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  1. couldn't find a thread already so starting one now. Just saw it and it's truly epic. It may be Pocahontis with smurfs but some of the action sequences are breathtaking.

    Discuss :judge:
  2. Haven't seen it yet but am concerned that all I hear about it is how spectacular it looks

    So has it a story ? Does it move you ? etc
  3. I haven't seen the film as yet. The consensus of my friends has the storyline (plot?) very dire, however the technical input / special effects are pretty awesome. As someone brought up on 'Ivor the Engine' and 'Nogbad the Bad' I've been very oriented to camera wizardry, and haven't lost the "how the fcuk did they do that" sense of wonder at the technical types in the film industry.

    I've managed to watch some of the scenes on the wide Blu Ray screens in the tv shops on Tottenham Court road. My aim is to see the 3D version at the IMAX cinema.
  4. saw it last week in 3d
    spectacular effects, often too much going on on screen for you to take it all in
    military kit very nice
    plot a bit predictable ... ok, very predictable - dances with smurfs
    global warming motif laid on with a shovel
    painless way to pass a couple of hours
  5. Yes it has a good storyline, if you go and see it make sure your choose the 3D option.
  6. seen it in 3d plot is kind of like europeans arriving in america to take land and resources from the native americans
  7. Watched this lastnight. Yep, plot was somewhat akin to what the North American Indians went through with the "white man". BUT, thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Reccomended, 1010!

  8. Did you have the flat upstairs Alec? :p

    I agree with all of the above posts, visually stunning movie, but very predictable (and silly) plot.

    One thing that did spring to mind though is that the big TV companies will be producing 3D-TVs from the end of next year. Now, I dunno about you, but after 2 hours I was starting to get a bit of a headache. I don't think I could put up with an entire evening of it unless they get a better alternative to the glasses. Contacts maybe?
  9. Saw it in 3D, looks very very nice. The story isn't spectacular but it's still worth a watch, passes a couple of hours with enjoyment.
  10. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    I went to a corporation bunfight at Warwick University in 1998. They'd employed a caricaturist who drew my caricature in black soldier pen on A4 card.

    I scanned it into the computer, added the red'n'white stripes then shrunk it to avatar size.

    What are you lot whittering on about? Sounds like a cartoon fillum to me.
  11. Is it wrong I find the heroine arousing? Especially when staring at CGI 3D nipples?
  12. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Story is nothing special. All the elements have been done before. And most have been put together in the same way before...

    However... James Cameron pulls off a blinder in his usual fashion. An average stroy told WELL, brilliant attention to detail and in this case some utterly breath-taking visual effects. The fluid grace of the main bloke's Avatar and the natives was impressive. The floating mountains were a nice touch. But the Banshees and the BIG flying thing were just plain cool :D

    My personal and subjective method for measuring how immersive a film is, is the sound track. The use of music in films is a big thing for me. E.g. using Nia Simone's "Sinnerman" as the background music for the scene where Brosnan "returns" the painting in the remake of the Thomas Crown Affair is good. However I can't remember a single thing about the score for Avatar, Gladiator or Blade Runner because I was so involved with the characters and the story as it was unfolding.

    All in all I rate it as a fantastic film
  13. Saw it in 3D. The storyline is a bit sentimental and unchallenging, the dialogue is often stilted, the characterisation limited and unsubtle.

    Nevertheless, for two and a half hours I was spellbound in an imaginative, beautiful, otherworldly fantasy which lives up to that much-abused tag of 'epic'. I think it's just a shame that they missed the opportunity to create the perfect film by paying as much attention to the aspects mentioned previously. The love story was utterly unoriginal and predictable, and yet had so much potential.

    I came out feeling good, so it was well worth the price of admission.
  14. Went with wife and kids to see this (3D Must see) on Boxing day........soooooooo glad we did. Even my 10year old lad was pretty spellbound which, for him is pretty miraculous if it doesn't involve CoD Modern Warfare 2 or WWE on the ruddy XBox.
    I agree with all that's written above but, think to be honest the storyline is pretty good albeit 'telegraphed' at an early stage. I think that the writers/producers are probably all big 'Yes' fans as the 'floating mountains' are straight off the album cover!!
    Anyway, we came out wishing we lived on that planet leaving this over humanized shithole well behind.....life'd be so much simpler.... etc etc etc..........
    PS: Notice the future equivalent of Tankies got the coolest mechanoids!!!
  15. Avatar is basically an amazing film, there are several poor parts to it, such as the rubbish love story which just seems to come from nowhere, and the average plot. However, these don't matter in the slightest. Within about 10 minutes of the character landing on the ground on Pandora, you're engrossed in the surroundings. Some scenes, like, the night time where all the plants are fluorescent are amazing. This film, is the closest I've ever felt to being completely involved in the scenery and as if I were actually there. Even the second time I saw I managed to become just as involved.

    Nope, those curves are brilliant :D