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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Arte_et_Marte, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. I'm off to the tattoo shop in a couple of weeks, got an appointment with the needle man, who is going add some more ink to my puny little body.

    It's an avatar that my daughter uses on one of the sites she frequents. Nothing drastic, It's only a few stylised lines but it reminds me of her.

    No need to link to the gash tat sites, we've all seen them.

    My question is.

    Would you have your current arrse avatar as a tattoo?
  2. Seeing as mine consists of a bunch of pissed chavs the answer would have to be "No".
  3. I think mine could actually be quite good.
  4. My avatar is Cobra Commander kicking a dog so no. however my second choice was Supermn punching Wonder Woman if it helps use it.
  5. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to allow avatars that have been previously used, but no made up ones. (like I can be arrsed to check that out) and thanks for the kind offer of the usage of your Superman, but I've already got one sorted, and Superman is nails, I'm not.
  6. I think mine would be nice. Be tricky to do though. You'd need a fucking good tattooist.
  7. Awesome in colour, and would make a change from the wily old fox being chased down your back, and disappearing up a hole.
  8. I made mine on Microsoft Paint, so I don't think it would be that hard to do.
  9. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Why not I say to myself...
  10. You made your little fellow! That's ace. Not sure it would make a top tat though. I realise he's supposed to holding a gat, but it does look more like he's gripping a bottle of green pop. :)

    Whereby this example is much better, although I wouldnt want to go the pool during school visits (do schools still have swimming lessons?) or be photographed at the beach ice cream hut, with a line of youngsters behind me, innocently waiting for their lollypops...
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  11. One of my old avatars is a tattoo- it's a teenage mutant ninja turtle (Donnatello if you know) dress in full sailor number ones (tradition says that sailors who have "crossed the line" get turtles tattooed on their back to show they have done so and are known as "shellbacks").
  12. Is there a tattooist out there that can do a .gif image then I will quite happily have it done! :)
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  13. Oh I dunno. Small one, on the ankle perhaps. No?
  14. My old OC had that done as a bet.
  15. Was he RLC? (PIED Piper)

    Ah, my hat and cloak. Thank you...