Avatar = nicked from French comic book

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Kaye, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. Now, this might be a bit anoraky, but here we go.

    Years ago I had a job in a comic book store. We sold not just the American Superhero crap, but also quality stuff like Storm, the Trigan Empire and XIII. One of the series I loved was called Aquablue. A story about a human kid who ends up on some world (called, you guessed it: Aquablue) and goes native. In the meanwhile some miners want to delve for all sorts of stuff in the ground and will destroy the natives' way of life. And the planet's biosphere with it. The miners are supported by a large corporation and when the natives become too troublesome, they call in the sci fi Foreign legion, the commander of which personally goes to war in a kind of machine gun toting robot suit. (And buys it in the end...)

    Sounds familiar? When you saw Avatar, it must. Same story.

    I heard other people say that Avatar is far too much like Dances With Wolves, but the comparision with Aquablue is even more striking. Especially when you not only consider the storyline, but also the artwork! That big thing with two cockpits and the robot suit seem to com straight from the comics!
  2. who cares?
  3. I do. Don't you?
  4. You're not a compo lawyer after a cut of a settlement are you?
  5. Not a bit
  6. I also recall a sci-fi anthology of many years ago on a similar theme. The bit in Avatar that reminded me was when the 'tree of life' did the 'bringing back to life bit' and making him a Bluey from a human. The sci-fi story I recall reading was uncannily similar in that a wounded star explorer lays down next to a tree that infiltrates him with tendrils and roots, repairs him and offers him a better life if he will'spread the seed' of the tree. Hmmmm plagarism just like nostalgia, not what it used to be..
  7. Nor me. Couldn't give a monkey's toss.
  8. Well I do! So, there.

    Someone told me that there are only seven original storylines. Didn't tell me which ones, so maybe they're out of original idea's in Hollywood?
  9. I was disgusted when the posse didnt get the stagecoach full of cyanide into the watering hole, they dont make cowboy movies like they used to,
    and back when I was a kid the injins were red too, not blue and 9ft2.
    I felt sorry for those lads on that alien circuit, its not an easy life with family, bills, morgages, drug addictions and crack whores to feed at the best of times, nether mind not being able to smell the roses.

    John Wayne would have had 'em blue cnuts...............
  10. This is too 'epic fail' not to be a wah.
  11. I've never seen Avatar and I don't plan on it. It's a well-worn story line and whether its Indians vs. the U.S. Cavalry or blue-skinned aliens vs. miners it's still a dull one. 8)

    Fair play to the Froggies though that they thought of it too. Don't know if that means they will have a valid claim for a piece of the "Avatar" money pie; that could keep a brace of lawyers busy for years. :lol:

  12. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Based on Christopher Booker's 'Seven Basic Plots'. A very good read, if a little jungian!
  13. Kaye, You don't have an avatar 8O Or am I missing something?
  14. Asking if the Arrse collective cares that a US film is a rip off of a French Comic?

    Look under futile in the dictionary :)