At first I thought AVANTI was a new brand of coffee but I soon found out that I wasn't on my own. LEAN gone mad and morphed into real rationalization. Why give it a name, why have a study.

AVANTI is some sort of Fellow Worship or a password for the third nipple gang. I can't get an accurate/logical answer on how we move forward for AVANTI. The decisions have been made, 10 RF Bdes to 8 so why all the bother and staff work to get AVANTI right. The white paper last week gave us all a shock - we will reduce to 8. Was this such a shock or did the Grand Pooh Far already know??

AVANTI ask us what do we do and do we do things differently in RF between each bde and the Divs that control us. The answer is simple we all do the same (just in different geographical locations) The study called AVANTI is designed to let us think there is rationale thinking behind the decisions. We inform/advise Parliament on how to cut the Armed Forces so why are we so shocked when they actually do what we tell them.

AVANTI in my opinion is the 'ARMY gone mad' Have the Generals really got this right? I could go on but I need a cuppa!
AVANTI is the continuation of the work started by HELVETIA, BORONA (and to a less extent a bit of HYPERION).
The idea is to reduce to 2 deployable Divs & 2* HQ to run FB activity. This also ties in with the restructuring of UKSC into ESG, OSG and GSG. GSG will do FB for Germany and OSG does FB for everybody else less HERRICK etc and will come under the 2*FB HQ.

This is all in line with the Aircraft Carrier concept and I think it is aiming to reduce the amount of people involved in FB activity to maximise availablity for deployable Ops. This is taking the form of reducing the regional Bdes and Div HQs currently doing FB. As you have identified there is a large amount of duplication of effort set into regional footprints.
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