Discussion in 'REME' started by Professor Plum, Nov 6, 2010.

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  1. At first I thought AVANTI was a new brand of coffee but I soon found out that I wasn't on my own. LEAN gone mad and morphed into real rationalization. Why give it a name, why have a study.

    AVANTI is some sort of Fellow Worship or a password for the third nipple gang. I can't get an accurate/logical answer on how we move forward for AVANTI. The decisions have been made, 10 RF Bdes to 8 so why all the bother and staff work to get AVANTI right. The white paper last week gave us all a shock - we will reduce to 8. Was this such a shock or did the Grand Pooh Far already know??

    AVANTI ask us what do we do and do we do things differently in RF between each bde and the Divs that control us. The answer is simple we all do the same (just in different geographical locations) The study called AVANTI is designed to let us think there is rationale thinking behind the decisions. We inform/advise Parliament on how to cut the Armed Forces so why are we so shocked when they actually do what we tell them.

    AVANTI in my opinion is the 'ARMY gone mad' Have the Generals really got this right? I could go on but I need a cuppa!
  2. eh?.................
  3. I see a couple of reasons why you would start this thread:

    a. As a brand new member, this is your first post and you've mistaken the meaning of the 'REME' acronym? In which case, I suggest you repost your stimulating question in a forum where there might be a hint of interest: Staff College and Staff Officers.

    b. You're a regular member, you're bored and you thought you'd create a pseudo username and throw us a drivel-covered bone to chew one? In which case, nice one fella.

    Either way, I'm about to lose the game, so was it you who killed Miss Scarlet with the lead piping in the kitchen?

    P.S. Welcome to the forum ;-)
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    jim24 Book Reviewer

    And to think I thought it meant Advance in Italian