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Do any of you arrsers know of Avalon Hill wargames? My elderly neighbour has a shit load of it, in excellent condition. I've seen it all, and it's quite a collection.

Anyway, he's looking to flog them on, as he's moving to the USA in a month or so.

Anyone interested?

The games are:

Squad Leader
Cross of Iron
Crescendo of Doom
And one with GI in the title.

Apparently these are about 40 years old, and quite collectable.

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Warhammer for grown-ups! Excellent!


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mmmm... Squad Leader. I spent part of a misspent youth playing that. If I remember the others are extension packs to the main game. Wouldn't have the patience these days, nor an opponent
PA - these were big in the late 70's and early 80's. If you were a teen then you might have find memories of reading the ads in various magazines, and wishing you were minted enough to buy all of them, let alone one. I think they cost something like £14.99 a game in 1982? Had a quick gander on ebay, and the prices range from a fiver to night on seventy notes for a still sealed game.

There does appear to be a brisk trade in the stuff though.
I have virtually EVERY AH board game made.As for the ones you mention,have a peek at boardgamegeek.com.Since all the Squad Leader stuff has recently been reprinted thay may best be sold to a collector,but i think they wont bring a fortune(unless they are unused)Also,he can email second chance games,they sell preowned board wargames.

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