Avalibility of phase 1 basic training camps for inf

I m going to join in the next month or so, i ve been in before about 10 years ago, i ve heard off a couple of mates that for the phase 1 training there are camps you can go on for like 2-3 weeks instead of doing your 9 weekends, is this the case? If so are there quite a few of them or do they come up once a year?

I m wanting to get through my training ASAP, obviously there is CIC after that, but what other courses could i do after that? Can you go as many as you like or is it all rationed still?

Oh yeah and what jobs will i be able to do at an inf HQ company, please dont say stores, AGC or loggies as i m wanting to be a gimpy gunner.

Cheers guys.
You sure you've been in before? I don't know which Infantry Unit your applying to, but at our place, we have a specific support coy broken down into an SF Platoon, Mortars and Javelin. So, as far as I know, you'll not be tocuhing a GPMG at HQ Coy. I wait out to be proven wrong...

give a clue as to your location and unit you're looking at.

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