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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by brucewillis, Feb 4, 2007.

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  1. I was told this week (by my PSAO) that too many people are volunteering for mobilisation. And as a result he was struggling to find me a job. However after speaking to guys in Regular units (On OPs) they are desperate for TA to fill the gaps.

    This is my point, do you think it would be worth having a thread on Arrse, that TA personnel could advertise their details (within reason).
    It could be read by a Regular/TA unit who need people for OPs, then a sort of miracle thing could happen. And they all live happily ever after (six months anyway).

    Standing by for incoming (but then again I've seen some mad stuff on here!).

  2. sounds like a good idea that might help people and solve problems.

    so no.
  3. Unfortunately this will not happen. In the past from 1995 to about 2002 it was a free for all re FTRS and Mobilization if you had the skill set to fill an LSN and were willing to go then the army was more than willing to take you. But come the advent to formed units of TA (Such as force protection coy’s Etc) the units now have their own agenda to fill as they don’t want their most experienced troops (Often but not always the junior ranks) Disappearing off with Regular units then not being able to fill their own formed sub units.
    Talking as some one who has mobilized a number of times over the last few years I have noticed the change in policy creeping in it started with the FTRS and Mobilization Vacancies disappearing from notice boards that were previously dedicated to this task. And continued with absolute Lies by the CoC about possibilities of deploying. I have lost count of the times I have been told by regular members of my regiment that they had called for volunteers to go on numerous tours only to bee told by the CoC of the (Multi cap badged) TA unit that there were no takers.
    This doesn’t seem the case across the board As 4 Para and 4/5th Rangers seem to support their Regular units well.

    In this rapidly shrinking army there is a well used though little acknowledged tradition of poaching each others troops, and you only have to look at other threads on the TA Forum to see that there is a preference by many to go with a Regular unit rather than a TA one. The Issue of Just staging on seems one of the main bones of contention. This seems a bit strange to me as we all stag on some where bee it a Sanger an ops room or a bunker in Northwood if you’re a General Etc.

    If you were really cynical you might venture that the reason that TA CoC were so unwilling to support there regular units was that the formed sub units were a vehicle in which TA Commanding officers can get a place at the New Years/Birthday honours nose trough but perhaps that’s a bit disingenuous even for me.

    In short it doesn’t mater if you put a list on this forum or a card in a news agent’s window if your unit don’t want you to go as they have other plans for you then you won’t go.
    Having said that the days of Formed sub units seem to be numbered as the lack of troops may soon make them non viable. In which case it will be back to the good old days off IR’s all the way. So if you are young fit and keen hold on as the world will soon be your oyster. But remember for the moment for every one they can hold back to be part of their Formed unit justifies the existence of 10 fat non depolyers.
  4. FEASG,

    I take your point. However if enough people were to voice their concerns on here someone somewhere might notice.

    Now! what should I write on the card for the newsagents window?.

    "Once a Fusilier, always a Fusilier!"


  5. wouldnt happen to be a infantry unit in london by any chance ?
  6. Agreed. We've been recently briefed that the only way we will be able to deploy with our regular battalions on ops is via FTRS. However the FP Coy is being sold like an (extended) annual camp to the crows.