Availability of khaini

Can anyone tell me whether or not it's possible to get khaini anywhere in the UK? Was first introduced to the stuff by 1/2 KEO GR in Belize in '78, then a tour in Hong Kong when you could get tins of it in a shop in a backstreet off Nathan Road. Also had two 'Himalayan Bluebells' in Nepal, and at the tail end of last year I went out there on a trek from Jomsom to Pokhara, which gave me a chance to stock up on some of the stuff. However, that ran out a while ago - and finding it somewhere in the UK would be much cheaper than flying back out to KTM again!
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
There's a place in Aldershot that does it. I can probably find out the exact address in a couple of weeks when block leave finishes if you haven't got it by then.
I think khaini is illegal in the uk as it falls under the chewing tobacco/skoal bandits classification.
I'm sure you could get it in shops that serve the nepalese community, but expect to be treated as potential HMRC until you prove credentials

I have had success in the past at getting khaini in indian shops in the tooting area
I reckon you're right there; I've never been stopped coming through Customs with it, even though the stuff in the little tins tends to pong a bit. "Domestic Zero" isn't keen on me having it in the house - but she smokes so that kind of squares things up a bit!


If its illegal in UK then surely it's illegal in shops serving the Nepalese community right? Therefore it can't be illegal.. Besides which when I tried it in Brunei I nearly splashed the floor with recycled curry.

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