Availability of khaini

Discussion in 'Gurkhas' started by mfimadforit, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone tell me whether or not it's possible to get khaini anywhere in the UK? Was first introduced to the stuff by 1/2 KEO GR in Belize in '78, then a tour in Hong Kong when you could get tins of it in a shop in a backstreet off Nathan Road. Also had two 'Himalayan Bluebells' in Nepal, and at the tail end of last year I went out there on a trek from Jomsom to Pokhara, which gave me a chance to stock up on some of the stuff. However, that ran out a while ago - and finding it somewhere in the UK would be much cheaper than flying back out to KTM again!
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  2. There's a place in Aldershot that does it. I can probably find out the exact address in a couple of weeks when block leave finishes if you haven't got it by then.
  3. Don't suppose you could be abit more specific, could you? WI'm only just up the road in Thatcham.
  4. Oooops - just saw second line of your reply. Thanks for the offer, much appreciated.
  5. I think khaini is illegal in the uk as it falls under the chewing tobacco/skoal bandits classification.
    I'm sure you could get it in shops that serve the nepalese community, but expect to be treated as potential HMRC until you prove credentials

    I have had success in the past at getting khaini in indian shops in the tooting area
  6. I reckon you're right there; I've never been stopped coming through Customs with it, even though the stuff in the little tins tends to pong a bit. "Domestic Zero" isn't keen on me having it in the house - but she smokes so that kind of squares things up a bit!
  7. If its illegal in UK then surely it's illegal in shops serving the Nepalese community right? Therefore it can't be illegal.. Besides which when I tried it in Brunei I nearly splashed the floor with recycled curry.