AV or no AV!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sebcoe, May 5, 2011.

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  1. This is the question?

    I think AV will make this country more indecisive than it is already, more middle of the road mamby pamby nancy boy politics. .....and a very expensive system to boot.

    Do we need it?

    your left wing defence of AV replies welcome!!
  2. No.

    Refunding losing bets is something 'Paddy Power' do and not something the electoral system should.

    One man, one vote, winner takes all.
  3. Fully agree!
  4. Vote NO. End of....
  5. No.....................................
  6. Of course you could always have an each way bet with paddy though.

    As for winner takes all - take a look at the actual total number of votes for the winning party in the past few elections. You may be suprised.
  7. So would we want PR?! Balls to that, too. Have the right to recall MP's and open primaries so constituencies choose the candidates they want, not some shower of PC, box ticking idiots foisted on people by party leaders. Direct democracy is the only way to break the power of patronage and make politicos accountable to us.
  8. Another No here.
  9. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Noe. Not least because the revolting Nick Clegg says yes.
  10. I voted no, but my second vote was yes!
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  11. Whet....wake up and tell us why this is good!

    Ashie......This system will let you vote lots of times....but you are still a looser!
  12. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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  13. Haven't decided yet but I might just vote yes to be awkward. ;-)
    I just wish we could have a 'None of the above' box tagged on to the bottom of the list of candidates, mind you I also think voting should be compulsory.
  14. No No No No