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    Aviation General Manager Afghanistan
    You will be working for an International Logistics and Aviation Support company that operates in Afghanistan. As Operations Manager you will work closely with the Director of Operations Afghanistan. The successful Operations Manager will manage scheduling and operation functions for multiple contracts whilst facilitating administrative and IT requirements of all Aviation personnel in Afghanistan.

    Key Tasks
    To manage the Scheduling and Current Operations functions for Supreme Aviation operations in Afghanistan. Manage shared operational assets and
    Supervise Scheduling and Current Operations working across multiple contracts
    Assume responsibilities of Country Manager Afghanistan as directed
    Assist the Country Manager Afghanistan in adhering to multiple contractual obligations
    Supervise fixed and rotary wing Day/VFR flight operations throughout Afghanistan
    Exercise Tactical Control of aircraft to react to shifting priorities whilst maintaining control over critical requirements
    Ensure compliance with ICAO, US MIL, NATO, UN, and host nation CAA directives
    Deal with Aircraft Service Suppliers to meet operational requirements
    Assist the Country Manager Afghanistan in developing based financial factors to safeguard against raising fuel prices, crew availability, aircraft modernization costs and even future ICAO, US MIL, NATO, UN , and host nation CAA directives
    Manage employee issues and, when necessary, liaise with the Human Resources Division
    Coordinate the annual leave of multiple operational personnel to ensure continued operational capability
    Support the Country Manager Afghanistan and Director of Operations to develop internal and external documentation required for the effective functioning of the business
    Assist the Country Manager Afghanistan to develop procedural controls and metric based systems to ensure correct billing, e.g., correct engine on/off times, fuel burn accuracy, and identify deviations and establish safeguards to prevent reoccurrence

    Essential Skills and Qualifications
    Former military Officer or Senior Staff Non-Commissioned Officer
    Proven ability to adapt and thrive in austere work and living conditions
    Proven ability to exercise centralized command and decentralized control; affective record of delegating authority while maintaining accountability/responsibility
    Experience with invoicing and the development of financial controls, e.g., cost savings and cost comparisons
    Ability to interface with senior US Military and NATO/ISAF Officers influentially, yet respectfully, to provide unique solutions to contractual issues or concerns
    Proven experience in monitoring separate aviation operations while ensuring safety and financial standards are met
    Former US/UK/AUS (or equivalent) Military CW3 or above
    One previous combat tour
    Former Instructor Pilot, Platoon Leader, or Company Commander
    Excellent written and spoken English
    Well developed computer skills
    Preferable Skills and Qualifications
    Experience developing and enforcing Operational Risk Management procedures, OSHA guidelines
    Extensive experience with ACMI wet and dry lease operation and development
    Extensive knowledge of FAA/ICAO/IATA regulations
    Experience working in an Aviation company during the start up of air carrier operations
    Farsi language abilities

    If you would like to be considered for this position, please send your CV to overseas@omegaresource.co.uk Due to the level of interest we can not always respond to submissions, but will endeavour to answer all enquiries
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