Auxillary Army vs Territorial Army?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Gonzo, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. Probably just a rumour (this is ARRSE after all!) but I've heard that the 'powers that be' are seriously considering re-naming the Territorial Army to the Auxillary Army.

    To me it sounds a bit dated, has Women's Ballon Corps connotations, and could be confused with a well known motoring organisation!

    I know that the TA could possibly benefit from re-branding but I'm not sure Auxillary is the right name. Thoughts?
  2. If you feel re-branding has to inolve losing the nearly one hundred years of the TA's fine heritage well then fair enough. What is wrong with Army Reserve (or probably Army (Reserve)!)? It does what it says on the tin, helps with the one army concept as a brand...That will be £2 million please...chu-ching!

    My next foray into advertising will be the City University of Nottingham on Trent.
  3. wev'e already had the ATS - Auxillary Territorial Service during WW2 - for women. Maybe the ARABs would think its appropriate?
  4. Well it hasn't stopped them doing it to regiments with over 300 years of service/heritage I'd daresay that only 100 years means nothing and will be wiped off without any though before the little greyman in whitehall sits down to eat his egg mcmuffin
  5. This isea is ridiculous. I doubt it is being seriously considered.
  6. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Have heard the Army Reserve idea bandied about, but the auxilary idea sounds bad!!
  7. Now let's consider the flaw in this argument...
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  8. "Army Reserve" would make sense, as then it does sound clearly and unambiguosly what it is, the reserve. Territorials, i know is a historic thing that replaced "militia" but in the modern age, especially over seas, no one has a clue what it means as its a "wooly" term in modern usage.
    Same thing can be said about "Special Police" in the UK the Specials are unpaid reservists... in the USA, look at the NYPD, the "Specials" are the Spec Ops Division, SOD, who are the men in black who will kick down doors, and swing on ropes thru windows with MP 5 at the ready etc etc
    In a lot of developing countries "Special Police" are the guys who kidnap you off the street, beat you and then shoot you and bury you in the desert... being "disappeared" with out a trace.
    Auxillary is dated, but you had the RAF Aux don't you?
    RNR is the Reserve, nice and simple, its clear and makes sense.
    Yeah, and no doubt it will cost millions and millions for any rebranding, paid to left wing wierdo consultants who all support labour... or am i being too cynical??
  9. Army Reserve sounds OK until it is abbreviated to AR, and then you get the plural ARs, and all too soon, Bum's your Uncle. The speed at which the MoD moves will guarantee no change for years, and then the wrong name will be chosen, to revert to TA some years later.
  10. I refer my honourable friend to the answers I have previously given:

    1. Is TA a brand we need to get rid of? (March 2006)

    2. Should the TA change its name? (January 2006)

    3. Territorial Army - is it a misnomer? (June 2005)

    Actually, looking at that post it is clear that they have done some of the things I was asking for. Maybe even because I said so - muahahahahahaahahahahaahahaaa!

    I wish they'd get rid of that awful TA logo, though: half Action Man, half A-Team.
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  11. Oi !

    Not all consultants fit that description.. me especially.

    *1 Left wing _ _ _ _ _ _ Nope
    *2 Weirdo _ _ _ _ _ _ _ tbc
    *3 Supports Labour _ _ Nope (N.B. 'Supports Labour' and 'left wing' is nowadays an oxymoron)

    Do I take the money when the Civil Service offer it to me to do the work and make decisions for them ? You bet - I want to buy my own aeroplane with the proceeds. :grin:

    'Territorial Army' gets my vote on the history alone but 'Army Reserves' describes better what we do in C21. If I were PM I would also introduce a Home Commitment TA Company for each of the TA infantry battalions to support the police and customs at airports, harbours, Channel Tunnel etc. (hits lots of populist buttons - Homeland Defence, local and tangible impact, contributes to detering illegal immigration). Not exactly *1 policies, though.

  12. The Irregular Army?
  13. C.U.N.T.S. Army!!!


    Go on the MOD, you know it makes sense :D
  14. Membership of the Militia was not entirely optional but the volunteer rifle movement—which became the Territorials—was. They were two different organisations.
  15. Trust me - it is seriously being considered. Allegedly there is one senior officer pushing the idea because he's a latin buff and likes the idea that Auxillary implies 'to help'.... :?