Autumn Tests - Come on Scotland!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cuddles, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. Well November is nearly upon us and on Saturday morning my tickets for Scotland-All Blacks dropped through the letter box. I shall be heading North on the Friday in the MG and then enjoying a long weekend in Embro, with the match and pre/post match craic as the centre-piece. However I intend to either celebrate big-style or commiserate ditto with a meal at Kitchens in Leith and some malts from the SMWS.

    I am as optimistic a Scotland fan as you can hope to find and have been heartened by the performances against Argentina in the summer and England and Ireland in the 6N. Nevertheless, unless England can mutilate the All-blacks the previous Saturday, I do not anticipate a win. The real acid test will be which northern hemisphere/home nation gets the biggest dicking from Mr McCaw and his colleagues.

    I anticipate being at the bar in Ryrie's for no more than 15 minutes before an Australian approaches me and lets me know the NZ will "choke" in the RWC2011!

    Any Arrsers in town for the game, pm me and perhaps we can have an Arrse RFC (Scotland) beverage or three?
  2. I will be attending the AB game as at late 50th birthday present it is a hardship having to walk 1000 metres from my flat to Murrayfield :)

    Cuddles I will be free for a few ales on Friday evening
  3. OK - which hostelry do you prefer? I used to use the Murrayfield Bar as a habit when I stayed in Murrayfield Ave...the wee ex-Them walt in there was highly amusing! Sadly he is no longer with us...

  4. Sounds like a plan to me