Autumn. Season of mellow fruitfulness.

"It isn't necessary to have one but rather just to think one."

Which was an advertisement for something or other years ago. Problem is I can't remember what the advertisement was for. Cigarettes or booze I suspect. Either that or it involved a suitably adorned nubile, attractive, female thingy.
Perhaps i shall self-identify as an owner of sheds!
As a divorcee who managed to hang on to most of the assets, I almost own my own house and can do as I see fit in any room I like BUT I still have a s**d and wouldn't be without one. Temporary garden structures offer so much more than somewhere to escape to.
Surely you are a divorce? The second 'e' is for those of the female persuasion, like ne and nee. (For horses?)
Surely you are a divorce? The second 'e' is for those of the female persuasion, like ne and nee. (For horses?)
Concorde had an unnecessary "e".
Bloody fFrogs.
Coffee and good company :)

And boots at a later date ;)
Add two of our offspring and it was certainly a good event.
Are the boots still going or have they disintegrated after years of use?
Still going but looking very disreputable!
What you had twins as a result of your meeting? I hope it was in a shed to keep this thread on track? The mind boggles.
I believe those twins have a three year age difference, such is the power of the shed.
The sh*d, was it blue, with windows and a flashing blue light on top?

Loads of room inside for shennanigans?
(Or wotever it's called nowadays)


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Now I am a shedless person, it's not often I call here.
Yeah, right. Shedless Whore of Babylon. Scarlet Temptress of Satan and..... sorry. I am a tad upset and not myself. Squirrels. Fucking grey squirrels. My Love will not allow me to shoot them or poison them so it is a Larson trap. But squill goes in. Trap drops then his fucking tail sticks out the back. Jamming the trap door. So he just reverses out and continues to eat the bulbs my Love has planted in the garden.

Any suggestions welcome. No guns. No explosives. No poison. Can you electrocute the little bastards without getting nicked?

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