Autumn Challenge

Alright fellas,

I'm due to go on Autumn Challenge next month. Apparently it's a 9 day course which covers CMS(R)TA phase 1. I haven't done basic training since 1985, so I was wondering if much has changed ? (ie: lockers upended, mess-tin order, ironing kit dry at 4am etc). Also, is it worth taking kit that isn't issued, but perhaps expected (housewife, survival tin, model kit, maglite ect, ect) or just turn up with issued gear ? In '85 we had to buy housewife ect off the section commanders (at greatly inflated prices !)

Also, does anyone know what amount of fitness is done on these challenges ? My fitness isn't too bad, but there's always room for improvement. Do I need to get in some green PT,Boots/Bergan ect ?

I'm expecting a hard 9 days with little sleep/time off, but hopefully this time round i won't get butted with a tin hat & tw*tted with a pace stick, so it's all good. :D
I recently did Summer Challenge, the general emphasis didn't seem to be on bullsh it because they need to pack a lot of training into a small space of time.

You shouldn't need to bring much more than what is on the list, apart from maybe a few creature comforts (a book is always handy). Housewife may also be usefull, although I didn't use one. I seriously doubt you will need a model kit. You will probably need a maglite. If it's not on the kitlist then don't worry about it. You can always use the excuse "But... It wasn't on the kitlist Cpl!". :p

As for PT, it was about a 1hr session once a day. If you're getting under 12mins, for your mile and a half you shouldn't be too worried. That's not to say you shouldn't be pounding out the miles to make it easier for yourself though!

Good luck! :D
Oh and make sure you definitely bring everything on the kitlist. Because they check at the very start of the course.
in the province for basic you woould need a housewife, maglite would be useful but i would'nt worry about a modeel making kit. training with boots and bergan is very useful(unfortunately there are not too many places in belfast where ya can go tabbing wearing boots and a bergan 8O )
c_h: Donnington (I think)

Rawr & cool: thanks for replies.

So there's no CFT or 2 miler with full kit & platoon wpns ? Phew ! CFT's not a problem, but the 2 miler in 16 mins(or was it 18 ?) used to kill me when I was in my 20's, I shudder to think what it'll do to me now.

Basically then, does the course cover WHT, BCD, fieldcraft, map reading,NBC (or whatever they call it nowadays)drill, fitness & so on ? Also, how many nights will we spend under the stars ? Is it fully tac, with no light after dark & patrols going out, getting bugged out at daft o' clock ect ?

Another thing I was wondering is how much cash would you recommend taking ? I'm not anticipating any nights on the town, but is there any free time at all in the evenings/kit we need to purchase ect ? Is there washing machines/dryers ? or is it a sinkful of hot water, a scoop of Bold, a scrubbing brush & a hot iron ?

Sorry if it seems like I want to know the ins & outs of a cows' cnut, but I like to be as prepared as possible. As we used to say in the last century "prior planning & preparation prevents p1ss poor performance". Cheers.

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