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Autopsy on TV



Did anyone see this last night?

I stayed awake especially to watch this autopsy that had been performed live on TV, hoping to see 'everything'. (yes, I'm macabre like that)

All I saw 'close up' was a bit of the inside of the deceased's chest and the brain being popped out.

I wanted to see more!! I was very disappointed with it, considering it had been hyped up by the media. :eek:
Yeah was good, I had a woody all the way through it.


The only bit I really paid any attention to was the discection of the liver. The excising of the gall bladder with it's stones and lovely viscous green bile left me retching.

The worrying thing is the smell which the audience put up with that we thankfully didn't have to! :-X
It reminded me of when you Gut and Skin a large animal but with less blood and more smell...... although I didn't get to smell it :-X It can't be much worse than spoiling a deer by accidently catching the stomach whilst gutting!!! Barf!!!!!! :-[
I have been to the Bodyworlds exhibition and came away feeling unimpressed.

It claims to be educational but parts of it (pardon the pun) were obviously gratuitous - two bodies showing the fragility of the attachment of sinewy muscles to our body had had the muscles pulled or cut away at one end and splayed to resemble a birdlike creature.  This might have been OK had they not put glasses and a panama hat on one and had the other wearing glasses and flying through the air Harry Potter style.  

The processes they use on the bodies are interesting - you have to remind yourself that they are real. Only the odd glimpse of hair, eyebrow or site of the finger and toe nails give it away.

The biggest areas of fascination seemed to be the smoker's lungs and the section which had an embryo from dot upwards (fingers, toes, organs and spinal cord at about 2 weeks is a bit of shocker).

The exhibition has been extended twice and was packed when we went on a very rainy Tuesday evening. The autopsy sold out within minutes so there is definitely demand for it.
They did say last night that the demand is there but for what? Education? or sheer shock factor? My personal feeling is the latter, it will be on a couple of times and then the novelty will wear off :-/


War Hero
It reminded me of when you Gut and Skin a large animal but with less blood and more smell...... although I didn't get to smell it

In the Independent today, an article about the 'autopsy' said that the body had been preserved in formaldehyde (the person involved had died some time ago), so there were no nasty smells.


It was pants, some jerry poncing about with a scapel! Being an ex Medic, (No, we never ever did that to the deceased) I've seen too many PMs and the one last night didn't even show the good bits, tactical filming me thinks! The DVD should be out soon! Fancy not using the electric saw for the skull, very outdated! Plus not having smellyvision did lessen the experience!
Keep talking..........................still aroused


I haven't seen anything like that since Marlow, Fitzsimmons and Surgener blew themselves through a wire fence trying to blow up a gas works in Belfast.

Ah the good old days.........

We'll never see the like again....... now then again that clock is tickin (or turkey).


War Hero
I live in a former Soviet republic and I got an invite to a private audience with an autopsy.

This came about as one of the guys I had trained had a dad in the business and thought me and a few chums could have a view on a recent bad guy that had been done in by the cops in a shoot out.

We were unfortunate to miss this Celebe and had to do with another drunk and destitute person.

The whole place was toppers with these types of guys and the place smelled terrible especially as these guys liked to make fires in derelict buildings and would enviable get pissed and burn to death.

An interesting experience to see the body is basically the same as on offer at the local butchers shop except missing the rabbit’s ears

is there anyone left alive that remembers the gassworks bomb?

Seagulls were up there for a while, I seem to remember.

No one will believe you now; its a retail park and a 6 lane highway.

btw: GCH or the mission hall??


Yes not only still alive, but still serving.  I am one of at least 2 that are still around.  

Being in Hastings Street at the time, I could tell some stories, but maybe will leave it for my memoires.  

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