Autopsy on the Whale; tsk, tsk..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. Well, after all the hooplah over the whale what got lost in the Thames and the resulting tears and E-bay exploitation that followed the autopsy revealed what killed the poor beasty.

    Seems she died of dehyration..

    yup.. not enough water..

    kind of sums it all up over the state of the - ahem - River Thames...

    everything in it [ including a few kitchen sinks, I 'd wager ] but no actual water...

    frickin' whale died of thirst...
  2. Would you drink Thames water ???????
  3. Would you drink any water in London?
  4. how much a kilo is it going for on e-bay?
    anyone know of a link to an english language Japanese recipe site?
  5. You can lead a whale to water but can't make it drink :D
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Gents please dont take the p1ss out of Thames water, it needs all the flavour it can get!
  7. I wonder how you would do an autopsy on a whale,maybe with a chainsaw or a great 2 handed axe I can imagine it would be quite messy
  8. Interresting question...we could always test any autopsy procedures on Anya, after all she has the same dimensions and (rumour has it) anatomy of a whale. :D
  9. I'm not going anywhere near Anya's anatomy.

  10. I wonder if we could sell her bones afterwards?
  11. Yes to the Chinese they proberly have some sort of special soup with dog jizz or something tradtional.
  12. Whale's hole soup
  13. I wonder if she would have any fat to make dripping with
    I've eaten whale and its very tasty.
    I've also had 馬刺し (sliced raw horse) and I can safely say its the nicest meat I've ever eaten. Tasty/gamy like venison but not as heavy.
  15. I'm reliably informed that it wouldn't be called an autopsy if performed on a whale or any animal... it would be a Necropsy! You can only do an autopsy on a human.