Automotive Service Manager - Afghanistan

• Relevant and up-to-date knowledge of vehicle design and manufacture, consumer and vehicle legislation, industry and trade practices (in the following order of priorities: Toyota, Ford, GM, ITEC, Land Rover, TATA)
• Experience in Armored Vehicles Services (up-armored Soft-Skin vehicles)
• NATO/ISAF country national with NO criminal record, capable of expediently attaining ISAF/NATO access badging.
• Self starter/self sufficient. Able to make well thought out timely decisions.
• Proven mechanical background on automotive (trucks or cars) and heavy equipment.
• Displayed an ability to climb automotive ranks.
• Overseas experience, specifically in post-war and developing nations, with experience setting up and developing business activities and customer markets.
• Experience with multi-brand fleets.
• Prior experience as an automotive service manager.
• Experience in liaising with US/ISAF military.
• Experience in hostile environments.
• Have experience managing fleet maintenance contracts (military fleets, NGO fleets, UN fleets)

Excellent salary, tax free. Free flights, accommodation, medical etc.

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