Automaticically opening gates?

Doing some home work re the above.
The proposed site is approx 80 metres from nearest mains supply.Looking at a 3.2 metre wide pair of gates.Not sure how heavy they will be.
I will probably run electric cables from house to site.I also want some sort of intercom device on the gate.So will I need shielded and armoured cable to reduce interference?
As an alternative power supply,do the so called "solar panel" 12v systems actually work?
Is it really necessary to have a ground induction loop to open gates for vehicles leaving the house?
Anyone got them or any thoughts or tips?


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a mate did this - he used radio remotes for opening and closing which are permanently on and fixed to the cars. for power you need armoured or trunked cable just to make sure no one or thing cuts through it.

solar would work but the costs of the downgraded electrics and solar set up might make it more expensive than digging in a cable. you wouldnt need an electrician though of you are doing the work yourself. not sure how you would deal with a busy day and a flat battery though as it woudl have to be set to open or close when power is low.


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If you reside in the North West of England, my mate manufactures gates - whilst out of work, I have been doing the odd day with him and can vouch for the quality of both gates and automation. So pm me if interested and will give you his number.

You only need one power cable (admoured) from the house as you set up your main cabinet (containing motor one, induction loop, transmitter/intercom and proximity sensors (new H&S guidelines due out soon following death and crush accidents) and lights etc)).

Then run armoured cable across drive to motor two taking the power from cabinet. This will save you about £160 in cable as it is sky high at the mo. Obviously use a duct so you can also run your sensor cable through and,will save you digging up the whole drive if a cable was damaged in the future.
Thanks Rob.Sadly I'm in East Sussex
Vinnie - nice idea,but I am afraid the PC police that live opposite.Non starter.
Thanks grumble.
Don't rush to do it. Shortly you'll be able to hire a couple of ex-squaddies to open your gates at a fraction of the cost of the electricity needed to power the motors.

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