Automatic logoff?

Isn't there any way to automatically log someone off when they go off-line?

I know that I have been guilty of looking as if I'm there, when I am fact tucked up in bed with Mrs Rajaz. It would make your on-line statistics a bit more believable.

I'm sure someone could work this out.

If this has been raised before, sorry.

I never log out, even when i'm not here.
It makes it easier to sneak a peek or post a thought whilst at work.
I think having to log in all the time might just be a little to obvious!
There is an active list on the Forum page, at the foot, that is automatically updated every 5 minutes I believe.

i must admit i do log out, but a lot of people with broad band now days do leave there selves logged in.
in my case it handy for Mrs sabre as she is in a different country at present, and cannot always know when i am am coming on line, so it makes it easier for us to communicate with each other as the time difference is vast

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