Automatic for the People - Telegraph article on AR15 in the USA

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by rabid spaniel, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. Now I thought this may be of interest - and more relevant here than in the Current Affairs bit..... you may disagree, but it is, after all, about guns.

    Being not particularly technically gifted I am hoping this link will work:

    I'm no screaming leftie (honest), but I do tend to think legally held AR15's and their like in civvy hands is a tad unnecessary....
  2. Nope, everyone should have one.

    It's a great way of informing someone that they've failed 'life 101'.
  3. Link works fine. Interesting reading.
  4. What would you allow then - and why?
  5. No, I need one. Some 'travellers' of unknown abode have left a couple of horses on my field. I think one of these might solve the problem.
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  6. You are lucky they have left horses, round my patch close to the time of Appleby fair they are more likely to take them.

    As for dealing with 'travellers' I understand the desire to employ an AR15.......
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  7. Depends really what purpose the weapon is for. Being in the UK the argument for home defence doesn't really stand up, so the use would be restricted to sport (fluffy animals or paper targets). With the correct checks, limitations and storage I would be fine with pistols re-entering the fray and long barrelled pretty much where we are now.

    In the US - different story and one that I can only comment on based on second hand knowledge. That said, the logic in me says that even if you entertain home defence (and I remain to be convinced) I reckon a semi auto shotgun would act as sufficient incentive for unauthorised people to leave one's home. I can't see the argument for a weapon normally only used by Armed Forces.

    The studies make a good case to limit ownership, type and capacity. None of that contradicts the recent re-interpretation of the Second in my view. That re-interpretation is itself a lifetime of heated debate.

    'Guns don't kill people, people kill people.' An idiot with an AR 15 will kill more in a given period of time than one with a shotty. And in any case arguing about the relative ability to kiill people kind of misses the bigger issue......
  8. No, you are wrong, guns are evil, the people behind them are entirely fact it's not just guns, all weapons are evil and always have been.

    If you look at the Lascaux cave paintings, thats a neolithic press article on the dangers of flint and sharp sticks!
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  9. Yes, never knew that Eugene Stoner had developed an "elegant bolt-action rifle"

    And Celia Bigelow must be using light 40gn projectiles and snappy loads to get 3750fps.
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  10. If someone, after proper FAC vetting like in the UK, can be trusted to own .30 calibre bolt action rifles, then why not a semi-auto in the same calibre or smaller?
    If your FEO and referees accept you're not going to go postal with a vintage .303, why would you suddenly do so just because the rifle is black, holds more ammo and doesn't require you to work a bolt for each shot?
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  11. By why not AR15s? You haven't really answered the question.

    The Armed Forces don't use the AR-15s in question, they use M16s and M4s; which are already illegal for civilians in the US.
  12. Because Margaret Thatcher ordered Douglas Hurd to ban the legal ownership of self-loaders in 1988.
  13. Well of course if you want some horses .......
  14. I have an AR15. And a SIG PE-90.

    Tell me why I shouldn't.
  15. But they look very similar, which means they must be the same, if you're a journalist or hysteric.
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