Auto V70 stuck in park.

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by womblefruit, Oct 20, 2012.

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  1. Guys, wonder if anyone can help. I have an auto V70 that has been SORNed for last 3 weeks, taxed and insured it today and hoped ready to drive. Only problem is, engine won't turn over. I have electrics, hazzards work, interior / main lights and CD however I appreciate that needing a 13.5amp charge it has probably discharged a bit. Saying that, cant even move it out of Park mode so I assume the auto transmission is affected by a discharged battery.

    Luckily I live right next door to the garage I always use so no probs getting a jump and maybe getting it in for a look at. Is this a common problem with a discharged battery or should I be worrying about a hefty bill coming my way.

    Thanks in advance. its a 53 plate BTW, a 2.5 Tdi, ex police and been to Saturn and back with FSH.
  2. Not sure about the V70, but I seem to recall going out to a Range Rover stuck in park because of a flat battery. In that case attaching jump leads allowed me to pop it out of park so I could load the vehicle.
  3. Womblefruit, I've been thinking about getting a V70 estate for a bit now but cant make my mind up between that and a merc estate. How do you rate the V70? Any problems with it being ex police? They do seem to be cheaper but that reflects the trip to saturn and back and extra holes in dashboard.
  4. As for the Mercedes I sold my C220 CDI in May it was ten years old it's the longest i've ever kept a car, all it cost me was four tyres and a battery. Loads of little smart extras in the Mercedes and I got almost £4k when I p/exchanged it (Thanks to Mr.D's advice on value)
  5. Looking to spend about £1500, more if the bank manager lets me (and the wife). I'm running a 97 discovery at the moment and its costing me a fortune in fuel for work and starting to cost a bit to keep on the road. We like camping as much as we can in the summer and with 3 kids and a mahoosive tent with the gear as well then an estate is the way ahead. I had an Omega estate a few years back and loved that car!
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    High mileage is relative these days. 200,000 is not really high mileage. Ex Rozzer cars have Saturn mileage but also they are over-serviced. I owned a Rover one yonks ago. Five years, no hassle. Having had a Merc E series and now a S80 with the 2.4TDI there is little to choose. Both engines are bullet proof if you change the oil and filters.

    I cannot comment on estate cars. One has a Landy for the estate stuff. If the OP had a Landy he could drag the V70 out of it's awkward position, stick the jumpers on, start it and relax. But since he is a poor person he will have to wait till Monday and get the garage to do it.

    One wonders how poor people cope with the stress. One really does.
  7. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    get a renault 4 and a trailer :)
  8. Can't speak for that exact model of car but I'm sure most or probably all automatic transmission cars from that era and later have a solenoid switch that locks the auto gear selector lever unless the brake pedal is pressed. It works off the brake light switch, on the idea that there's enough electrical power, and only releases if you put your foot on the brake. If there's not enough power, or if the brake light switch has died, or even if a fuse has blown, the bastard probably won't come out of park. I'm not familiar with the V70, the newest Volvo I had was an 850 T5 (similar but not the same). But, a lot of cars have a means of overriding this pain in the arse, it's just a matter of finding out what it is on that particular model.
    You could connect another battery, or some 12v power source (booster pack or whatever) check the brake lights and see if they work, or if the selector lever releases. If the car's been sat for a while, try powering it up, pressing the pedal and hitting the console near the lever in case it's stuck. The last time I came across this was on an Audi A4, and it was just the fuse. Another great bit of technology from the car industry to save the human race from it's own stupidity, until it fucks up and makes an otherwise decent car unuseable.
  9. Thanks for the advice, think I'm sold on the V70!