Auto Trader Full of scammers

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by wheel, Jul 20, 2013.

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  1. Has any Arrser had problems with scammers on Auto Trader ?. I have a MX5 on there and I have had as many scammers try it on as genuine enquiries.
    Main ones are:
    I want to buy your car etc Problem I am at sea or an Ocenographer with internet access only use pay pal please send me your account details and I will deposit money.

    I am looking at many cars is this one yours (link to autotrader) this requires you to use your account log in details.

    If plod wants to up its nick rate they only have to put an ad on there and wait for the criminals to come to them.
  2. I've been having the same kind of thing on Gumtree, been getting texts on my throwaway phone asking me to send more details via Email, the texts originate from non UK numbers, these two in particular - +19518883164 & +61428465117
  3. Buying is easy, but i would never sell on auto trader as you have found out!
  4. I've got this bastard phoning and texting me day and night. I've never even used Gumtree. The daft sod didn't hide his number though, and Google is a wonderful thing.

    bedsit cheap all bills incl dss welcome | Bradford | Gumtree
  5. Where would be the best place to sell then ? Local Rag not a great circulation round here. Piston Heads ?. Advice welcome.
  6. had a mate who sold a car on ebay, a bloke in nigeria bought it for £2000 even though it was worth £300 max the bloke then says i need you to ship the car to me thats why i paid £2000 all you have to do is cash a cheque im sending keep £1000 for yourself and send me the rest by western union, so my mate come into work and says do you think its a scam? anyway he reports it to the police ( Most wouldnt ) and they say yea youre cashing someone elses cheque and laundering the money you would of commited to crime and the car would still be sat on your drive forever more
  7. What actually happens is that the bank cashes the cheque and deposits the money (2k) into your account. You then give 1k to the generous Nigerian chappy...

    ...Weeks pass, and suddenly the bank withdraws 2k from your bank account. Why? Because it took that long for the banking system to physically send the cheque to the appropriate bank in Nigeria which declined to honour it due to lack of funds in that account. You are now down 1k and there is nothing you can do.
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  8. Piston heads can be good, know a couple of guys who sold their cars on there quickly, they went there because they were modified to **** though.

    Are you on an MX5 owners forum? Could be a good place to stick it up.
  9. I put it on piston heads tonight. I am on the MX5 owners forum but seen loads put on there lots of **** questions come in but not seen any sold on there.
  10. PM me the linky to it. I like to look before I buy.

    Oh, and I haven't got Paypal.
  11. Had three 'PayPal' scammers in quick succession after I advertised my old defender. Any good ideas on how to turn the scam round and profit from these twats?
  12. Sell it them. As soon as you've got the money put it in a high interest account (probably not that high), don't send anything. Wait for your bank to reclaim the money and you've earned the interest for a couple of months.

    Alternatively, do the same, but put the money on a dead cert at the races, or use it to start a skunk farm.

    Hope this helps.
  13. So whats the deal with the paypal scam then?

    I know the one detailed above with the bouncing cheques, also used as a "freight costs" and such like thing but how do they use Paypal to get their hands on your cash?
  14. I sold my old car on ebay and the process was liquid smooth. It's easy: just don't accept bids from anyone who doesn't have a long and flawless feedback history.
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  15. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Slight thread derail with good reason...

    The other PayPal scam to be aware of is the 'unfamiliar transaction' email.

    Basically you get an email from 'PayPal' regarding a recent transaction, for example a payment to "Skype" for around £40.00 asking you to confirm whether or not you authorised this transaction.

    Straight away you're like "WHAT???" and without thinking about it, click on the very genuinely looking link to log in. Scam complete - the criminal will now have your PayPal account and password.

    My wife nearly fell for this - luckily I was there, looking handsome, heroic and rescued the situation.

    Still didn't get laid though...
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