Auto-Enrolment into Pension Schemes for TA?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sgt_Sticky_Plaster, Sep 24, 2012.

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  1. From October this year the government starts it's process of making all employers enrol their staff into a pension scheme (you do have the option to 'opt out').
    It starts off with the largest employers first and has different 'staging dates' for other employers depending on how many staff they have.
    I'm pretty sure no employer is exempt from this including charities and people who only employ one person.

    So my question is - will this affect the MOD as a large employer? They already provide pension schemes for regulars but not for us TA types. Will we all have to be auto-enrolled into a scheme, it's just that I would have thought the MOD is classed as a large employer, meaning that they would be one of the first ones to go through this, but I have heard nothing.

    Anyone know anything?
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    No chance. You have to earn above a threshold amount and TA earnings aren't guaranteed.
  3. Ah, but you forget one minor flaw in your cunning plan for Workplace Pensions for the TA getting a pension which has been asked to death. This is where the TA will be classed as casual labour as per usual when it suits the MOD / Army and theTA will not get one.

  4. No - the reserve forces are regarded as voluntary work i.e. casual labour as mentioned above
  5. As I've mentioned in another thread on this esteemed site, on a recent weekend we had a visit from the CDS briefing team and when the subject of renaming the TA came up "part time army" was instantly dismissed, not because it was a ******* silly name but because it implied we were part time workers and would then allow us legal redress for holiday pay pension provision etc. in line with our "full time" co-workers.

    We were told point blank as STILTS points out above that we would always be "casual labour" and therefore MoD would be exempt from owing us a brass farthing more than our day rate...

  6. And herein lies the flaw of Army 2020. To guarantee a level of capability, there is much talk that a degree of compulsion to attend training in required, if that happens then MoD is opened up to all manner of exposure to its duty as an employer to members of the reserve forces, at which point it all gets kicked into the long grass as 'all too difficult and complicated".
  7. some interesting points there guys - thanks. So I guess for the near future anyway, I will not be expecting to be auto-enrolled in a pensions scheme through the TA
  8. Only if there is the most extraordinary outbreak of joined up thinking....
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  9. It does beg the question of whether those who are mobilised would be enrolled in such a pension. Surely they cease to be casual labour for that period?
  10. Question is answered as soon as you rock up to G1 cell at Chillwell when you choose your pension scheme...
  11. That would then set the precedent if the future arrangements have a degree of compulsion in them, for annual training for example.

    It's all a bit of a technicality though I would think as very few people would earn enough for any pension to be more than pin money.
  12. Agreed, one of the reasons after 26 years as a stab I wait for the "legal technicalities" to be argued over and ask for a back dated pro-rata pension ;-) Not that I'll hold my breath of course...
  13. You have to have earn £8500 per year to be put on this scheme, so Its not for the TA, Obviously if yourmobilised/ FTRS your entitled to the RFPS on offer