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Autism in the Army

My firiend on another website has just posted this message can you advise him?
"I am 25 and in the US army, I joined up passed all the tests and challenges given to me, but recently they said I may or may not have asperger's. when this information was discovered they originally were trying to chapter me out and just took away my deployable status. im going to a med board instead and may keep my benefits and some pay but.

The truth is I love the military all my chain of command and everyone who knows me says I have so much heart and that Im a good soldier and I deserve to deploy. Yet people above them who have never even met me, are using this new found information to crush me. Im an american and deserve to fight for my countries freedom just like anyone else. so when was it I became less qualified, I work hard, I never give up, I see my brothers as my family, and I care deeply about all of them and the best part is I go above and beyond any task given to me. yet they say im useless now because of what a therapist i saw 1 time for an hour has said.

the only question I have is can I "do" anything about this?"
Erm....what the fuck has this got to do with the British Forces?......You could also try using the search function, as this has been done to death on here recently! :roll:
I can't give any advice from a military perspective but to my, albeit limited, knowledge the autism spectrum is very wide and Asberger's Syndrome is at the high functioning end of that spectrum. My brother in law has Asberger's and is a university professor and he knows a fellow sufferer who is a rocket scientist. As I understand it, Asberger's sufferers are very focussed on a particular activity and can become expert at that but can perhaps have differing levels of difficulty in others and with interacting with people, what could be described as the "social graces".

Your friend, as described, certainly seems focussed on his military career and could perhaps make a career for himself. Whether the powers that be can be persuaded is a different matter entirely.
My RSM was autistic. He had an obsession with shiny boots; hundreds of pairs of them had to be lined up in 3 perfect lines at every opportunity. He also had an amazing memory that encompassed hundreds of names and faces and past transgressions. Like many autistic people he had several personal idiosyncrasies; like beginning every sentence with 'Eh!' or 'Oi!' and going about everywhere with a silly polished stick. His autistic mind functioned in a rigid and entirely self contained fashion, that made interaction with other people problematical, and left no room for compromise or shades of grey. His ritualistic and compulsive behaviour severely disrupted the lives of the people around him.
the only question I have is can I "do" anything about this?"
I suggest you rearrange the contents of his underwear drawers, then video him finding that his socks are in his underpant drawer and vice versa, suffering a psychotic breakdown and ending up a gibbering wreck eating his own turds in a cardboard box.

Then charge people a fiver a throw for copies of the video.


Book Reviewer
a mate in the prison service hates going away because everyone links his paperclips, snap the staples up in the box, chew his pens and blunt his pencils.

personally I think its nice that they encourage his hobby :)


so the yanks let fucking rain man into the army? uk will have to go one better
and enlist stephen hawking.

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