Authors being picked off?

Discussion in 'REME' started by onemanbanned, Jun 18, 2010.

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  1. I have noticed an amount of threads/authors that are slowly getting lost.
    Do i need a tin foil hat or are the gobshites/stirrers/askers of awkward questions being told to wind it in and wind their accounts up?

    If so, by whom and how?

    Answer quickly before the thread goes missing :)
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Authors being picked off?

    Nope, not as far as I'm aware. People move on, get posted, lose interest, or just plain get bored. It happens.
  3. What happened to the thread about DEME(A)'s conference?
  4. Fair point above, although there's no reason to believe it was removed on request. Perhaps a Mod decided discretion may well be the better part of valour.

    Doubtless there are few who remain unaware of the varying degrees of, ahem, acceptance this site receives from those in the chairs. I've heard it referred to as a useful tool, absolute (albeit amusing) tosh and downright dangerous.

    Regardless, it's a harmless website. Those who do see harm in it can't be sitting easily in their seats or they'd have the confidence to ignore it.
  5. I recognize that sheep outline, i know who you are Sheepay!

    This is definately a good tool to get an answer be that on an NSN, process or the nitty gritty of why the Corps seem to be doing mad things recently.
    Stasi esque tactics of warning off individuals who step away from the party line is surely not the way to go on a public forum.

    Marx mentioned that history repeats itself, first as a tradegy second as farce (or something like that, i was at the back drinking). Lets not make the same mistakes as before, open discource on these types of forum may allow those who are having a 'Kings Trousers' moment a quiet time for reflection away from MoM, the Mantra of ME.

    Edited for realising that recognize doesn't have two n's in it, innit.
  6. Well, that's my farce of a career come to it's inevitably early halt-check-one-two.
  7. I'll let this one slip Sheepay. Consider yourself a WO2 allowed to go to the WO1 board before i change the rules, for those below you that is.
    Hope all my fellow Scots enjoyed the fitba earlier too, i can happily take down the Algerian flag from the Quarter now.
  8. Judging from the sounds coming from the NAAFI that may well be a prudent move!
  9. It might have contravened site policies regarding naming of serving personnel and ad hominem attacks. I didn't see the thread, could you provide a link to it please, Spaz?
  10. what, you mean the thread didn't contain any? :D
  11. I rather think he might not be able to do that......
  12. Not the brightest are you? Glad to see we have the best people looking after our interests. :D
  13. Would not surprise me if certain members of the site are asked to stop. Others probably move on or are on ops.