Authority rebellion

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, May 12, 2005.

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  1. I've been out of the Army for eight / nine years now and still have problems with dealing with people in seemed positions of authority.

    If anyone tries to tell me what to do I go out of my way not to, even if means cutting my nose off to spite my face or ending up going down a less profitable route.

    Is this normal.... the people I refer too are, Bank managers, anyone in uniform including the dibble, magistrates etc

    Example, I got stopped for not wearing a seatbelt a few weeks ago and given an on the spot fine and a producer, the copper emphasised that I had seven days to show documents and 28 days to pay the fine. I did neither, for no reason other than to be arsey even though it will cost me more..... I feel a small albeit silly victory against the system

    Is this normal? do any other Arsers have problems with jumped up cluster fcuks or am I just an obstenate arsehole?
  2. You're a rebel!

    However you have a reason why you're doing this?

    Hmmm, why don't you lay back and tell me about your childhood?

  3. Large institutions are there to frustrate the unwary and bring b*ggeration into the lives of simple folk. It is a civic duty to make their mission as difficult as possible.

    I argue the toss on every parking ticket, bank charge etc and usually win.

    But then I also discuss driving techniques and litter disposal with my fellow motorists when they're forced to stop at the lights :twisted:
  4. Roxy... my dad tampered with me and mum used to drop blobs of weld on my plums while I slept.

    Not sure of the relevance of this I got my own back by sealing up mummies botty with a hot butter knife and because I liked it allow my dad to continue tampering with me....... does this help?

    I don't know why its an issue, but I do really resent anyone telling me I can and can't do things.... I do obviously respect the law and rarely break it apart from the norm of speeding and driving while talking on a mobile phone because Nokia are swindling cnuts and can't make a blue tooth handsfree that lives upto what it says on the tin.
  5. Sorry to hear about that MDN! I truly feel for you.


    By the way, you know, with bluetooth, you don't have to use the Nokia ones, it's a protocol that can be used with other bluetooth-enabled devices so you can use a Motorola bluetooth headset with your Nokia handset.

    I use my Palm one with my Nokia all the time and don't have any problems.
  6. After an operational tour i came back thinking the world owes me big time . After Telic 1 i kicked off in Swansea high street with some Socialist Worker types .I try to demand free entry into any night clubs and usally get told where to go . I am sure other arrser's have the same snags . Its not a bluff 'PTSD' thing or 'TA BATTLESHOCK' i am just an ARRSE when i get off a tour .
  7. I said car kit not a welfare headset...

    But I guess you can't put a car kit in a skip.

    Another small issue with someone tellign me what I couldn't have was the little turd from Dominoes, the franchise is under new management and for all time I have had Chicken and tuna on my pizza.

    Some spotty little urchin told me I could no longer have that...... out of spite I ordered three large Meat feasts and when they arrived refused to take the order and asked the Moped driving delinquent if he would crack the fella on the nose if I bunged him a tenner...... he responded in a monotone ambitionless monotone drawl 'can't he'll fire me' then chuckled like he'd cracked a funny worthy of a hearty laugh.
  8. MDN, the Treo has a bluetooth car kit.

    Anyways, that's terrible about the whole chicken and tuna in your pizza.

    Like yuck!

    What the hell is that combo there????


    Whatever happened to good old pepperoni and sausage there????
  9. You're not on your own, mdn,...... I can't handle being told what to/what not to do either. In my stubborn defiance, I'll always do what I want to do, whether it's to my detriment or not!
  10. Could'nt agree more, i'm a cnut for standing up for my self beliefs.

    I think that without self belief you are a sad and wanting person.

    If you dont believe your own values then what does that make you?
  11. MDN While I agree with most of what you said there is a great deal of pleasure in following some dopey orders/insructions to the letter until tjey blow up . "he/you/they told me too".
    Accompanying gormless expression or frank countenance required.
  12. With or without values you are still a cnut.
  13. YEP ... i've got this in spades , i don't respect any of the middle or senior management in my place of work .. because they're all fuck1ng thick c*nts , my direct boss writes like someone who was in a bad car crash and has all the life experience of a 12 year old dungeons and dragons fan.

    hardly an inspirational leader of men ... i wouldn't follow him to the f*cking shops and deliberately do things wrong to try and give him a nervous breakdown ... so far i've only got him drinking heavily but i'm going for a marriage split before christmas and hopefully suicide by new year.
  14. I hate the army system and the p1ss poor way it works. I attempt to fight all the petty little rules at every turn. I think that either means I'm destined for great things and to revelutionise the army or, more likely, I'm an idle fecker who takes short cuts. The jury will decide.
  15. You dont work in the Civil Service do you? I wish you worked in my offices. We could pool our resources and achieve great things