Authority for action on Regimental Conduct Sheet entries

Anyone know of the authority for APC action with Regt Conduct Sheets?[hr]We got some questions in a G1 exercise about Regt Conduct Sheets entries and it prompted questions on the authority for showing them to MCM Div promotion boards? After slogging through MML, QRs, AGAIs and PAM, found details of what punishments can be awarded and which of those should be recorded on Company and Regimental Condcut Sheets. But there doesn't seem to be any cross-Regt/Corps level MML/QR/AGAI direction for what impact these should have on an individual's career.[hr]I thought there might be something along the lines of AGAI67 laying out the career impact of Admin Action Displeasures, etc. After all, they get produced to promotion boards and can affect selection decisions but is there a standard for MCM Divs doing this?
A Regimental Conduct Sheet is the first thing any promotion board sees. It sits on the inside front page of the CR folder. Once a Regimental Entry is made on UNICOM and transmitted to APC Glasgow, it will be on file.

Well done for trawling through MML, QRs, AGAIs and PAM etc, however you should also try the huge red folder that the CO/Adjt/SSA (and each OC with delegated powers) should hold. Commander's Guide to Summary Dealing / Commander's Guide to Sentencing.

When someone has a Regimental Entry it is as result of DISCIPLINARY action, ie it shows which punishment someone has already had. There should be no subsequent ADMINISTRATIVE fallout as a result (ie impact on the soldier's career) unless official ADMINISTRATIVE action is taken by his chain of command.

However, the impact that a Regimental Entry has on someone's career depends entirely on what the board make of it. The board members are expected to apply their own values and standards. If they decide that 20 days AWOL is neither here nor there, they may choose to ignore it. This is especially true when the offence is nearly spent.

Hoe that helps.

Thanks, I.
'Fraid I have a few follow up questions:
  1. Is there any direction to MCM Divs about how long to keep the Conduct Sheet and what happens to it when punishments are spent?
  2. Is there any direction to MCM Divs on advice for members of promotion boards presented with Conduct Sheet?
  3. And lastly (and I don't mean to offend) but isn't the big red book supposed to have been thrown out since its replacement by the reprints of MML, QRs, etc?[/list:eek:]
    Can you help?

    Yours hopefully . . . .
Happy to help...

1. Not sure how long each offence stays on the conduct sheet. This quote from Liberty may help:
The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 applies to all types of sentence, whether it is a term of imprisonment, a fine, probation, absolute or conditional discharge, findings in a juvenile court that an offence has been committed, and convictions of certain offences in service disciplinary proceedings.

The length of the rehabilitation period depends on the sentence and runs from the date of the conviction. When the relevant rehabilitation period has expired, the conviction becomes 'spent' and usually will not need to be disclosed in the future, for example, when you are applying for a job, completing an insurance proposal form, or applying for credit facilities or a tenancy of property.
Once the offence is spent, it is no longer on the conduct sheet.

2. I was a member on a promotion board. What weight was given to each member really was left to the Values and Standards of the board members. A Negligent Discharge 3 years ago didn't raise an eyebrow. There was, however, a soldier who had some violent offence on his conduct sheet that occured in the last 12 months AND (obviously) he had been selected for promotion. Needless to say, we (all) took a fairly dim view of that one.

3. ??? I hope not. We are still using it in my unit and Post Trials Section have yet to slap us down. I will check first thing on Monday morning before the CO starts his weekly funfair! You may have just saved my bacon.

Happy hunting,

Thanks for further help.
WRT death of big red book - I think I got it from one of the 'little' red books but can't remember which one!
Usually, if you go AWOL very early on in your career Shandyswiller, it may not matter to the powers that dish oot your LSGC, however it also depends on the write up you send in to APC along with the CO recommendation mate. I have seen people refused it for less than 20 days AWOL mate.
The award of a disciplinary punishment does not exclude the taking of administrative sanctions. In fact, a Regimental Entry is not a punishment, but a sanction that follows punishment, therefore it isn't subject to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act and will remain on a soldier's record indefinitely.

This is unrelated to the Conduct Sheet, which records unspent punishments in accordance with QRs and RHA. Regimental Entries are recorded on a soldier's personnel file, not their Conduct Sheet.

Promotion Boards will (in theory) see all Regimental Entries for a soldier, but will not see the offence or award that occasioned the RE.

I say "in theory", because in practice the Boards don't spend much time looking at those bits, being too concerned with the content of the previous three years' CRs, so a few REs won't usually impact upon a person's promotion chances (although a pattern of unruly behaviour can be identified from a number of REs and can therefore be taken into account). They will, however, prevent a soldier from receiving his LS&GC.

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