Authorised absence for training - pickle!


Recently we've had one or two personnel take time out to do modules for their degrees at uni - around 3-4 weeks at a time. I was surprised to discover this did not come off their ALA.

Unfortunately they are no longer around to ask - but I am now looking at putting in an asbsence request for something similar, albeit 5 days scattered throughout Nov.

I've had a good look through the JSP 760, in particular the section on authorised absences - but cannot seem to find anything realting to time off for training.

I'm not quite in the two-year resettlement period yet and so GRT is not an option. But nor were the guys who managed to wangle four weeks off in order to get their mortar boards and rolled up certificates.

I have a feeling this one will be down to 'unit discretion', but any advice would be most welcome.
Going on modules like that wouldn't count as leave if they were doing the degrees through the Defence Academy: otherwise it would have done. ETS runs university schemes, so ask the local education centre (or learning centre as ETS now calls them) as Devex said.
1 of my blokes is doing his GCSE maths at Yeovilton. We release him every Tues (all day) and Thur afternoon. No leave is taken or anything like that. He just gets released, but if work crops up and we can't do without him then he stays at work
From what I recall, day release or block release is only available if the training or qualification is deemed to be of benefit to the service. It is up to your DLC to agree that this is the case, and your line manager to agree that you can be spared. It is not leave; it is not even authorised absence; it counts as detached duty which means that you can claim travel expenses at the duty rate, and be done for 'absent from place of' if you don't show up for every lesson/lecture.

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