Authentic sas/para Bergen

True2Blue said:
One of the authentic sas/para Bergen with extensive service.
It has seen better days, but it was used by my mucker
Who is a vet Airborne combat medic. (23 PFA) +.

Now for the flowering up bit.

It has been used in the following theatres;
Including and attached is an original (for that era) unused field dressing, probably dated around 50’s.
It also has an addition of a acquired bullet hole. (Don’t ask)?

The amount raised for this item, will be controlled by one of this sites Mod’s, and directed appropriately to the designated charity;
’through ‘Holidays4heroes’

Closing date for this historic truly Airborne unique almost antique Bergen will be;
Wednesday 6th May 09 @ 21.00hrs.

A little info of the owner and mucker of this item, is well known to some as Harley para who is one of the representative of the Parachute Regiment ‘Ride to the wall’
Where will he keep his potatoes now then?
Needs relisting in the charity auctions thread.
No probs mate, didn't expect a para to get it right first time :D :D

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