Austrian Prisons:not even New Labour is this stupid - yet.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Mar 25, 2008.

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  1. In full

    Its rare that a Criminal Justice story surprises me these days, but I'm still young.
  2. AJ

    I seem to recall something like this before in Austria, a few months ago. I may be wrong...

  3. Jesus, I give up.....Western societies have lost it

    from now on I will only endorse the Chinese penal system; labour camps, asset stripping, organ farming and death.
  4. I recdkon the call centre idea is good. They could be used for reporting cones, damaged roads, etc.

    All monitored and no cash involved.

    The reaminder are used for sorting out rubbish for recyclebles.
  5. Call centres have been in UK Female prisons for about 10 years......
  6. Which call centres and which prisons?
  7. Do you mean those premium rate numbers offering certain services?
    That sounds like a good idea. Err, probably. :wink:
  8. I seem to remember something about an Austrian who set up a whole heap of prisons some years back, it didnt end well.....
  9. Sod reporting the traffic cones, they should Be the traffic cones!!!!!! I like the bit about working in recycling centres though.
  10. I wonder if they play Folsom Prison Blues while they keep you on hold for half an hour.
  11. NU-Lie-Bour dont have to farm out government business to Call centres manned by Convicted Prisoners, then have Customers Personal data being lost or used for Criminal purposes..... Government Departments under this appaling NUOO Lie-bour administration have been loosing or selling personal data of Citizens for years..... DVLA have been doing this for ages...

    Now where is that National ID Card Database... Who can they sell that to to fill out the financial blackhole they have gotten us into.... :? :? 8O
  12. I think he had problems with his staff. :wink:
  13. Ex-Cpl wasn't he? The regime at the prisons upset a few people, particularly foreigners, with their robust views on certain ethnic groups and there was a significant statistical imbalance in the population of said prisons. Russkies gave him some grief, and apparently (according to the Septics) the Yanks had to come over and sort out the mess. :?
  14. Classic :D