Australia's 1st and 2nd Commando Regiment: Tier 1 or Tier 2 SF??

Discussion in 'Australia' started by 26backdoor, Jan 5, 2011.

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  1. Right, I got a niffty on this!

    My bezzer reckons that Australia's 1st and 2nd Commando Regiment is a Tier 1 (i.e Delta, DEVGRU, SBS, 22 SAS) SF outfit like the SASR, but I reckon its a Tier 2 (i.e Navy Seals, 21/23 SAS etc)

    anyone got the real gen?

    and also if you do know, can you expand on their operational differences and standards

  2. I thought the Ozzies joined in to open the bars after real soldiers had liberated them?
  3. Is this a serious question, or are you just trolling looking to start a fight with the Australian contingent?

  4. We did this thread yesterday
  5. I know but the the reply's were standard sour full screw ones! It's a legit bet, and I know it sounds walty, but SF are part of the armed forces, so I dont know why it cant be discussed on Arrse without several hundred wan*ers piping in!
  6. Well its an easy one to figure. Get a representative from all the aforementioned units and put them in a pub until one kicks off. Whoever is standing claims Tier 1 etc.

    Much like Camelot, tis a stupid bet as you can't verify anything or really compare units cause they're secret, innit. Sorry if this answer is too literal for you, try the Legion of Frontiersmen, they'll know.

    open to interpretation,and all will have their own opinion.

    Wet_ Blobby as for your last comment, try asking any aussie lads where they were when the SBS stormed off their chinooks amid a blaze of SKY TV jounalists and snappers at Dili Airport ?
    I think you will find on this occassion the roles you described may have been somewhat reversed..........
  8. Aussie SASR worked closely with SB in the initial stages of the Timor depoyment. SASR has a very close relationship with SB and have permanent exchanges. Several former SB operators now serve with SASR. Both SB and 22 attend SASR courses and vice versa. There is no rivalry and the relationship is strong and based on mutual respect. Rivalry is purely in the imagination of the peanut gallery who can't distinguish cricket from the professional job of war fighting.
    SASR is Australia's 'teir 1' unit and works with 22, SB, CAG, team 6 etc. 2 CDO are Australia's regular Commandos and work with Rangers, SEALs, RM etc. 1 CDO are reservists (territorial) and are very enthusiastic. They have deployed to Afghanistan on several occasions to augment the regular Commando task.
  9. Why would you disrespect yourself with an immature and ignorant comment like that? You beat us in the cricket. Well done, but our lack of cricket prowess is not reflected in the professionalism of our soldiers. The British army is a huge organisation compared to ours, but over two decades of serving and working with British soldiers on several occasions, I would not say that the individual professionalism or skill levels of British combat soldiers is any better than their Aussie counterparts. Both countries produce equally professional and skilled soldiers.
  10. The Cdo unit was once upon a time 4 Royal Australian Regt before there was a restructure- can't remember when that was, but in the last 5 years or so. In that, 3RAR, which was the para reg, lost its air specialty and that was given over to 4 RAR, then renamed/rebadged. 4 is now more along the lines of a special duties unit as mentioned above, taking charge of many aspects of CT as SASR is based over the other end of the country, as well as larger air assault (SASR sticks to small group insertion).

    If SASR deploys in force, like in Iraq and Afg, SFSupport Group ha to go with in case they need the larger scale special insertion to help pull them out of a sticky situation.

    There is, I think, a special selection/recruitment process for Cdo. Those who also don't quite make the grade at SAS selection get invited into the Commando.

    There's also a reserve component of Cdo, got disbanded in the '80s, particularly after one of its members became a renowned bank robber.

    As for SASR being Tri-service. It's a solely Army affair. Navy has clearance diving team but they don't do the amphibious assault that SBS do. RAAF airfield defence guards (ADGies) are the same as RAF reg't here in the UK. They're handing more duties over to the RAAFPOL as they used to have to deal with non-saluting and other matters, on top of the base defence/facility security role. Funnily enough the the RAAFPOL kept the dog unit!

    As for the tier debate, well that's a tricky one. They aren't bound by the secrecy of those tier 1 & 2, but perform similar roles on a bigger scale. I think scale is the key word here - ADF is a much smaller organisation than British Army, US, etc...
  11. Is quite a stupid thread, which is best ignored. But, couldn't let Methna7 post garbage. If you're not sure about facts, Methna7, is for the best not to post conjecture. And you really should do some more research

  12. Point taken on 3 & 4, was under the misapprehension that under Howard it was decided we didn't need full air assault capability and that was removed from 3, turning them into Light Inf.

    Can't quote quotes on this (using iPhone) but source for invite to Cdo was from Ian McPhedran's The Amazing SAS. Can't give page ref as it was an audiobook.

    Not sure if the bank robber was the one Mark mentions (remember hearing about that guy on 4 Corners or Foreign Corespondent), but source was Bill Dodson's The Sharp End.